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Family Help and Advice

Bernie EastwoodSchool building


Our family support worker is called Bernie Eastwood and her role is to support children and families within our school or liaise with a range of external services to help families with any further support they may need.  She offers emotional and practical support for families who are going through long or short term difficulties.  She also supports families and children to break down barriers to learning so that every child receives the best education, a key area  being attendance. 

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas or just need some support, Mrs Eastwood’s door is always open and the kettle on!

She can be contacted on the gate in the morning, via the school office or email:


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Outside agencies

Our school is part of a network of support agencies that can be called upon to give additional help to pupils and parents who may need it.

Psychology Service

On occasion pupils may be finding things tricky and require teh support of an Educational Psychologist. In such an instance we would, after discussing the matter with the child's parents, refer the child to the Educational Psychologist for assessment. In these cases the psychology service can help us provide specialist support for your child.

The School Health Service

The school medical team makes regular visits to school to check on the physical well-being of pupils. At times you will be invited to attend your child's examination and are welcome to do so. You can also request support from the nurse who supports our local schools, via our Family Support Worker.

Pupil Attendance Support Team (PAST)

The school works closely with this agency, and the service may become involved if your child's attendance at school falls below 90%.

The Ethnic Minority/Gypsy, Roma and Traveller Achievement Service

The Ethnic Minority Achievement Support Service specifically works with new arrivals,  minority ethnic communities and children who speak English as an Additional Language. The Teacher Advisers work with primary and secondary schools throughout Lancashire and the North West. Please contact school or telephone their team on 01772 532439 for further details.

Early Help

The Early Help team are a fabulous resource, who can support families in many different ways.  Our Family Support Worker, Mrs Eastwood supports families with accessing this help.