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Sewing Club

KS1 Sewing Club

Look at our fabulous bunting!!

We printed, sewed, used fabric pens, added buttons and flowers, practised cutting fabrics and enjoyed being together to produce some fabulous bunting with the help of our wonderful parent-helper Sanne- Thank you so much- we couldn't do it without you!

Look at our fabulous boxes!!

Well done to all our lovely sewing club children who have all made a wonderful fabric box for their bedrooms.  They have used patterns, cut out fabric, sewed with a machine and by hand and added lots of finishing touches to complete their designs.  I think you'll agree they are all wonderful and a special credit to the children who came happily despite the unavoidable cancellations and faced challenges with resilience.  Sanne and I are so proud of you.

Look at our final products!!

Year 3/4 Sewing Club

Today was the first of our Lower Junior Sewing Club.  We are going to make fabric baskets for our rooms. Thank you for all who applied for a place I was overwhelmed with the response and I will promise to try and fit in another set later in the Year .

Week 2 of Year 3/4 Sewing club

Welcome to our Sewing Club page.  Last term the Upper Juniors started the first of our Sewing Clubs and together they produced the most amazing bunting.  They learnt to use templates, cutting with scissors, printing, pinning, stitching on the machine and other decorating techniques.  They also learnt how to persevere when things got tricky and to be patient when they needed help. Well done girls! And a massive thanks to Sanne- we wouldn't be able to do this without your expertise.