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Remote Education

Our Remote Education

Children will continue to be provided with an education remotely which is high quality and aligns as closely as possible with in-school provision. We aim to teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate. All learning will be conducted using the MS Teams Education platform and the teachers hold live meetings/lessons (during the lockdown) and set assignments daily for the children through this platform. We use a range of online resources such as Oak National Academy, White rose Maths, Purple Mash and Espresso to support our remote education. 


We believe that it is in the best interests of our children that we continue to provide structured support to the best of our ability.  It must be noted that the work children engage in during a period of closure will be part of our current planning. This is our children’s education and we cannot afford for them to miss out on any further learning time. 

We are providing the minimum daily hours of learning for each child, as recommended by the DFE. Remote education will include both recorded or live direct teaching and time for pupils to complete tasks and assignments independently.

This will be as a minimum:

• Key Stage 1: 3 hours a day , with less for younger children

• Key Stage 2: 4 hours a day


As a school we recognise that some pupils may not have suitable online access at home, or a suitable digital device to access remote learning.  Therefore, we take the following approaches to support those pupils to access our remote education:

  • Issue and loan a device to the household
  • Provide SIM cards with free data
  • Order if necessary a WiFi router 

If any family is having issues with accessing the online remote education, they can contact the school office, where we will then aim to help and support them. We as a school also get in touch to offer support, if we notice your child is not accessing the remote education.


Further details about our expectations and systems for our remote education can be found on this page and in our Remote Learning policy found below.

Key steps to getting started with MS Teams for remote/home learning:

1. Sign into your child's account using their username and password.

2. Once in Teams, click on your child's Class/Year group team.

3. Within the Class/Year group team, you will see the general channel, this is where the teacher may communicate key messages for multiple pupils or the whole class.

4. Within the team, your child will also have their own private channel, this is shown by their name, under the general channel. In this private channel only the staff in school and child themselves can access this channel and its contents.

5. In your child's private channel, if your child is isolating (and the class are not) or the teacher has a message or feedback for your individual child, this is where the class teacher will post such communication. You as a parent or your child can also communicate with the teacher without any of the other class members seeing the message here. Your child will also have their own files section in their private channel.

6. Class teachers will set assignments to complete maths, English, reading/phonics and a foundation subject daily. Your child will be able to complete work online if they wish and click 'turn in' once completed. Any work completed in an assignment automatically saves.

7. Parents/children can upload photos of  work if they have not worked online, very simply in MS Teams, through their assignments by clicking on 'Add Work' or through the child's private channel (which sits as their name on the left of the screen under the channel called 'General').


MS Teams usernames and passwords

All parents should have received their child's individual username and password information for their MS Teams account through our school app messaging service. Please ensure you have received this information. If for any reason you have not, or your password does not work, please ring the school office, so we can assist you.

Remote Learning during lockdown - Class scheduled meeting times


For your child to join their MS Teams meetings:

1. They log onto their MS Teams account.

2. Go to the blue  'Calendar' tab on the left side of the screen.

3. Find the day and time of their meeting.

4. Click on their class meeting and click join.

They will then enter the class meeting where the teaching input for the morning and afternoon lessons are delivered by class teachers.


Morning sessions:

9.00am UKS2

9.30am LKS2

10.00am KS1

11.00am EYFS

Afternoon sessions:

12.45pm EYFS/KS1

1.15pm LKS2/UKS2

Rules for Responsible Internet Use

Remote Learning Policy - This gives you key details about how we will support your child with their home learning.

MS Teams letter to parents - Please ensure you have accessed this letter to help your child sign into their MS Teams account. It will also provide you with key information for MS Teams and your child's home learning if and when required.

MS Teams - Frequently asked questions - letter to parents. A useful problem shooting document, which will answer many questions regarding MS Teams and your child's remote learning.

Wellbeing and Mental Health - guidance and support for parents and children

Individuals isolating (normal school procedures prior to lockdown)

If your child is isolating and absent from school because they are waiting for a COVID test result of a household member or themselves and they feel well, then please help them continue with their learning remotely at home as a short measure (2/3 days).  


To keep learning please can they access from home the following: 

  • EYFS play MiniMash - play the games to develop their maths and literacy skills 

  • PurpleMash (KS1/2)- complete the 2Dos for English and maths skills practice 

  • Bug Club (All key stages) – read some of the texts and answer the questions about the book. If they are in KS2 ask them to write a short recount or make a book review too 

  • Sumdog (KS1/2) – play in the games section to revise key skills and check and complete maths tasks/homework set by their class teacher 

  • TTRockstars (Year 2 upwards) – play in the Garage Band to practise key times tables that have been set and play in the Studio Band to improve their Rockstar status 

  • Teach your Monster to Read (Phonics EYFS/KS1) – ensure your child logs onto their account each day to learn the sounds appropriate for their phonics phase 

  • Topic homework tasks (All key stages) – these are available to view on the school website in the Children’s section – Half Termly Theme Homework 


For any longer isolations, remote learning will be delivered through your child’s Microsoft Teams Education account. This is now set up for every child and will be used to ensure blended learning and to help your child keep up with their peers in school. Please ensure you have followed the instructions in the MS Teams letter (that you have received by email) and your child is signed into their new account using their username and password details (which you have received by app message). The class teacher will then begin posting and uploading work for your child through their class/year group team. Any problems please email or phone the office. 


If your child is unable to access the online platforms or MS Teams to complete home learning, which may be due to no internet connection or no suitable device, please contact school immediately where we will provide further support and a device if required.