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Oak Class


We are the reception class at Waterfoot Primary School! We love to learn through play and hope you enjoy looking at lots of the lovely learning we do in this part of the website. Here is some information about the class. Scroll down for photos of our learning! 

Our Teachers

                   Mrs Holt                                        Mrs Edwards

Our teaching assistants

          Miss Tattersall                                         Miss Ward                                       Miss Hindle

               Mrs Wisedale                                          Miss Nisa

Classroom Information:

P.E Day: Thursday

Your child can come to school in the active uniform or a more traditional uniform on non-PE days but please ensure your child comes to school wearing their active uniform on our PE day.  Please refer to the Uniform Policy if you are unsure.



Homework is handed out on a WEDNESDAY and returned the following MONDAY.  You will receive Maths homework one week, phonics on the other. 


Topic Homework:

Each half term, a grid is sent out within each key stage which links with the topic, their learning and our school value focus for the following half term. Within each key stage the pupils are recommended to complete a number of their chosen activities and each completed activity is rewarded with house points. The work is put in our 'Look what we have done at home' display board in our cloakroom area as you first enter the classroom! These homework grids will be sent home on a piece of card but are also available on our website in the 'Children' section or click the link below.


Oak Class learn about wind!

The children have been exploring Wind this week! The children have had so much fun exploring how the little men fall down to ground with and without a parachute and we had running races up and down the playground wearing resistance parachutes! We have learnt that the 'drag' slow us down!! We particularly enjoyed playing the class parachute and running underneath it!  We even managed to have a couple of days where there was enough wind to get the kite flying! During our Literacy lessons we have also read 'Elmer in the wind!'  We have sequenced the story using the storyboard and by cutting and sticking the pictures and we have written words to describe Elmer!

Our Autumn learning!

We have learnt so much about the autumn time! We started off by going on a colour hunt in our woodland area! The children found lots of reds, yellow, oranges and browns! We learnt that the leaves drop their leaves in the winter to save energy cause there is not as much light in the winter for them to make their food. The children also learnt that some trees are used to these conditions so they don't need to drop their leaves. These trees are called 'evergreen!'  We brought the leaves back to class, stuck eyes on them to make them into little characters and practised our scissor skills to give the leaves a haircut!! Oak class have also been learning about how hedgehogs and other animals hibernate in the winter until the spring! We have made hedgehogs from dough and found different resources to create prickles, eyes and a nose! The children have continued to perfect their collaging skills by collaging a hedgehog and they have been writing about what they have learnt about autumn at the message centre! During our literacy lessons we have read a non-fiction book about hedgehogs! The children now know that a non-fiction book doesn't tell us a story, it tells us information! We have used the non-fiction book to write our own information about hedgehogs! On our second visit to our woodland area we looked for different shapes of leaves this time and learnt the names of the trees they had fallen from. The children have also had conker racing fun with the guttering and have been exploring how to make the conker roll further by changing the gradient of the guttering, they have made pictures with the autumn materials outdoors, stuck the correct number of prickles on the hedgehog to practise our numbers and counting and printed leaves on an autumn tree! Phew! We have done so much!!

Our bonfire night activities!

We have been exploring oil pastels this week to draw fireworks in the sky! The children compared using the oil pastels to using pencil crayons on black and found that the oil pastels were much clearer for creating effective pictures! We have also been creating 3D fireworks! The children have loved exploring what the best way is to cover the cardboard tube to make it bright and colourful like a firework! Then they have selected the resources they think is most appropriate to create the fire coming out of it and how to make a pointy bit on top!! During our Literacy lessons, we read the story of Henry the Hedgehog who was disturbed from his hibernation by a bonfire night! He went to see the bonfire and the fireworks then the children wrote words to show the noises that fireworks make and we have even begun to write our first sentences!! Take a look at our photos!

Our teddy bear's picnic! 

We had a lovely picnic out in the woods today with our teddies! The children made their own sandwiches and for the picnic and we also had crisps, cupcakes, biscuits and juice before playing a game of teddy bear corners!

World Mental Health day

Oak Class read the story 'Conker the Cameleon' today about a little Cameleon who could change colour when his emotions changed. Conker learned that he didn't need to change colour to show his feelings. He only needed to talk about his feelings with his friends! The children painted and coloured pictures of cameleons and talked about what makes them feel happy, sad, angry and frightened. We also did some cosmic yoga and kept our balances well when holding different yoga poses!

Adventures in Red Team

We have had a very exciting few weeks in Red Team.  First we found a lost teddy in our Woodland Area and so made posters to find the owner.  A friend saw the posters and sent us a letter to tell us they had seen a book about a lost Teddy that may help us.  The book was called 'Where's my Teddy?' which is set in the forest.  We went into our own forest to use our senses to explore what being in a forest is like.

The Minpins have moved to Oak Class! 

The children were very confused when a Cornflake packet appeared in our classroom this week! We thought the teachers had been eating their breakfast in class! However inside the packet (now known as 'The Curious Cornflake packet') we found a message from some little creatures called the Minpins! They love music and live under our superstar stage!! They even sent us an email on the minpinternet to introduce themselves! The children have loved searching for the minpins, writing messages to them, making them presents and playing them lots of music which we know they like! Evie has spotted the Minpins everywhere she goes!!

We have started school!!

Our new reception children have spent their first week in school! They have been settling into school so well and have been learning how to use our different areas of continuous provision to play and learn! Take a look at our photos from week 1!