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WaterfootPrimary School

At Waterfoot School, we think for ourselves but feel for others.

Oak Class

Welcome to Oak Class! 

We are the reception class at Waterfoot Primary School!

Our teachers are Mrs Holt, Mrs Giomarelli (Mon-Weds) Mrs Alderson (Thurs & Fri) 

Our teaching assistants are Mrs Lord, Mrs Walsh, Miss Tattersall, Mrs Seal (mornings) and Mrs Wisedale (afternoons)

 Mrs Holt                         Mrs Giomarelli

 Mrs Alderson                  Mrs Lord

 Mrs Walsh                       Mrs Seal

 Mrs Wisedale                       Miss Tattersall


Our PE day is Tuesday. Please come to school on Tuesdays in your tracksuits. 

Home reading books will be changed every Monday and Thursday. Parents just make a comment in your child's reading record book after you read.  You also have books allocated on bug club that you can read any time you want. Just go to and log in! Every Friday, we have a whole school competition to see how many times each class has read at home. The winning class wins a box of playground toys to play with! 

Homework will come home each Wednesday. Maths comes home every other Wednesday and after Christmas Phonics will come home on the alternate Wednesday. Please send completed homework back to school the following Monday.  


Remote Education

If your child is off school, due to covid-19 and self-isolating, then we will aim to provide lessons and learning closely linked to our school curriculum and your child's needs. More details to follow. 

Our Christmas song!

Still image for this video
Twinkle twinkle Christmas Star!

Our Christmas Party!

Oak class had a super fun party! We played musical bumps, musical statues, Christmas corners and pass the parcel - with 3 parcels! The children had lots of fun dancing together and showing us their moves! When we got back to class there was some magic! Whilst drinking our milk Father Christmas flew over our outdoor area and we saw him flying over it through our screen! He left some presents with his elf to deliver to us! We were so excited!

Blue Isolation activities

Blue team made a brilliant start to our home learning on Friday! We had nearly all the class present for each of our lessons on Friday and we have had some wonderful submissions of work for our learning about Diwali! The children have been using their phonics so well to write their list of party food and we have had some beautiful diya lamps and lanterns made! Well done everyone!

Red Team Isolation

Red team have had their first day of online live lessons. What a great start they all made. It's been wonderful to see some fantastic work being sent in. There are some super recreations of Elmer the elephant, some lovely Diwali firework pictures and some very good phonics. Well done everyone. thanks for returning the work. We are looking forward to seeing more.

Red Team's Isolation Assignments

Our sponsored Woodland fun!

Oak class had such a wonderful time completing our sponsored woodland tasks! We had three to do! We went on a scavenger hunt to find things in the forest - it was tricky finding the spider! We also made faces using forest materials which we stuck into some saltdough and we made beds for the animals to hibernate in to complement the learning about hibernation that we have been doing in class! Thank you to all our families who sponsored us! 

Our Halloween Activity afternoon!

We are doing lots of halloween activities this week to support our learning but on Tuesday afternoon we had a special activity afternoon! Mrs Wisedale was dressed as a witch and made bubbling magic potions with the children, Mrs Lord cut open a pumpkin and the children explored the inside of the pumpkin then they cut a face into our pumpkin! For the rest of this week we will be observing how our pumpkin changes! Mrs Giomarelli was in one of our outdoor areas making potions with the children and the spooky castle. Mrs Holt was in our other outdoor area with children playing with the pumpkin shop and creating spells with the tweezers and mixing potions in our mud kitchen. Mrs Walsh was making scary monsters with the children using playdoh and creative resources. The children have also been drawing pictures and labelling the things they would put in their potion. Take a look at our photos! We had such a fun afternoon!

Blue team make their own school!

Blue team have been becoming teachers themselves! Mrs Holt noticed lots of children pretending to be her and playing with our 'Star of the Day' chart so we decided to make our role play area into a school! 

The children made their own star of the day charts and certificates to give out at the end of the day. Ava and Daisy made a smartboard for the school by painting a large shoe box lid and Rose and Ralph made the teacher a laptop! Iris even had the brilliant idea of making a 'happy box' for the school and her own raffle tickets! The children have had so much fun being teachers in their new school! We have lots of budding teachers in blue team! Take a look at our photos below of us making our school! 

Exploring in the Forest: We looked in the forest for signs of Autumn.

Learning about our senses in the forest!

We did lots of learning about our senses last week! We wore blindfolds and had to guess the objects in the feely box using our sense of touch, smell different foods to identify them and even identify the flavour of crisps with our sense of taste! This was a very popular activity!!! At the end of the week, we went into our forest and found different things that felt rough, smooth and bumpy in the forest! We closed our eyes and talked about the things we could hear and we looked over the hills and talked about what we could see. We were super clever and discussed how we wouldn't find things we could taste in the forest because things could be dirty or poisonous but we got to use our taste buds at the end of the afternoon when we enjoyed a nice warm drink of hot chocolate or hot vimto and a biscuit! Yum!

Take a look around our classroom!

By this stage, we have normally invited our parents into our classroom for a 'Stay and play' session where you would get to see your child's classroom and all their lovely work on the walls. For obvious reasons this can't happen at present but we want our parents to see their child's classroom and their work on the walls so here are our displays from our first half term!