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Lancashire School Library Service Brilliant Book Award

KS1 have taken part in the Brilliant Book Award - an exciting reading club for children ages 6-7 to encourage reading for pleasure.  In December school received their Brilliant Book Award resource box and the teachers were able to have a sneaky peak at the books before the 'big reveal'. The resource box even included a signed copy of Michael Morpurgo's The Birthday Duck.  On the launch day, Michael shared his special reading message and his story online which we all really enjoyed.  Then, throughout the spring term, the children in Chestnut, Elm and Cherry enjoyed extra special book club reading sessions where one brand new story book was revealed each week.   


This year's book titles were:

Elephant in my Kitchen by Smriti Halls

King of the Swamp by Catherine Emmett

Nappy the Pirate Baby by Alan MacDonald

The Tindims of Rubbish Island by Sally Gardner.


Each class voted for their favourite book.  Elm class voted King of the Swamp as their favourite.  Cherry and Chestnut voted for Nappy the Pirate Baby.  Our votes have been submitted and the winner will be announced at the end of May.


A huge thank you to our wonderful Mrs Evans for organising this special events.


Look how cosy we look with our comfy cushions and teddy bears at our book club sessions.  We all received a special certificate for taking part and voting for our favourite book.