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History Detectives at The Whitaker

Children from years 3, 4 and 5 left the classroom yesterday and became detectives of the historical kind.  We were presented with a range of unusual objects and artefacts and asked to use our observations, senses and own experiences to create well considered guesses about each one.  Now this wasn't as easy as we first thought!  Some of the objects were very strange!  From Victorian cockroach catchers and mouse traps to sharp sugar cutters and intricately decorated ladies' skirt lifters, we had to really work together to come up with ideas as to what each object could be.


In the afternoon we spent time looking at old photographs which were all taken in and around Rossendale.  We were given time to explore them in detail, discussing each part of the photo using viewfinders and magnifying glasses. We asked questions such as: Who are the people in the photo?  Where are they? What is happening? Why was the photograph taken? When was it taken?  


It was fantastic fun stepping into the past and exploring what life was like in Rossendale.  We even had time to look around the museum and play on the park.


Thank you to Louise Dobson and The Whitaker for a fantastically educational and fun history workshop.