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Hawthorn Class

Welcome to class Hawthorn! Meet our lower key stage 2, Year 3/4 class.

Staff in Class Hawthorn

Class Teachers: Mrs Rawcliffe and Miss Lorgat

Class TA: Mrs Connolly

Other TAs who work in class Hawthorn: Mrs Topping/Mrs Atkin


PE Days

Monday: Outdoor PE

Wed: Indoor PE (Summer 1 Swimming)

Children to wear PE uniform to school on these days.

Uniform link here:


Home reading: Children will bring their home reading book home every night. Please ensure they bring their home reading book back to school everyday! When they have read at home and had their diary signed they earn a reading raffle ticket. We also have a reader of the week for who is reading lots at home! More reading can win pupils a prize in our raffle draw each week! As a class we also work as a team, reading at home, to earn the home reading playtime reward box!


Homework: Homework is set on a Wednesday and should be completed by the following Monday. We have maths and spelling homework each week. We also send our themed topic homework out, each half term and it is also available on the school website in the Children's section. Our Maths homework is set on Sumdogs each week. These are practice tasks to revise and consolidate maths learning in school. Our spelling homework is the 'Tic Tac toe' activity choices to practise spellings. Children are to complete 3 spelling activities and parents are to sign the three activities and return the sheet on the following Monday.


Times tables: We encourage and reward everyone for practising their times tables as much as they can. These are such crucial building blocks in Yr3/4. We have the amazing online platform, TT Rockstars to practise times tables. The times tables in the 'Garage Band' are set specifically for each child, so they should not be too easy or too hard!

Remote Education 

If your child is self-isolating at home (due to Covid symptoms or a positive Covid test result) but are well enough to continue with their schoolwork, then we will support them by providing remote learning through our online platforms and MS Teams. For detailed information on the policies and procedures we follow in such cases, please refer to our school website-key information-remote education section.

Outdoor Science Lesson


In our outdoor lesson we created different types of animal poo! We used different materials around us and dog biscuits to create the poo of a herbivore, omnivore and carnivore! We then went on a hunt for hidden animal cards in our woodland and used these to create food chains. 




Take a look at Hawthorn Class's incredible tribal headdresses! They all worked incredibly creatively to create their unique headdresses to wear to our parade!

Our trip to Whittaker park and museum! What an amazing morning we had with Professor Jigget, learning about the tree fairies and goblins! Our picnic lunch was yummy and we finished off the day with an afternoon in the museum. The artwork and cabinet of curiosities, including the taxidermy was amazing! A great day was had by all!

Life Education visit with Harold the Giraffe!

Science outdoor learning in the woodland! We investigated and identified the trees using classification keys and the we made our own outdoors.

Jubilee celebrations! What an amazing sea of red, white and blue! The children definitely rose to the occasion, coming dressed in red, white and blue. They made bunting, flags and created their own Queen's stamp design. The afternoon was filled with a parade, singing the National Anthem and rounded off with a whole school tea party with cake!

Roman Day! What a fantastic day we had, all dressed up as Romans and we met a Roman warrior! Lucius, the Roman soldier showed us how to battle and create a tortoise formation. We learnt how to play different Roman board games and carried out an archaeological dig, discovering a range of amazing artefacts from the past.


World Poetry Day

Today we explored a range of poetry types, listened to Michael Rosen performance poems and perfected our volcano poems to perform. Watch a group of our children perform their poem 'TheVolcano' with such confidence!


French Languages Day


Bonjour! We have been celebrating the French language! We ordered French food from our French Cafe using our French language skills! We can now use 'Je Voudrais...' and 'Je prend...' to say what we could like to order. 


World Book Day!



This week in maths we have been focusing on shape and symmetry. We have taken our learning outdoors today and used nature to create patterns on one side of the line of symmetry so that another group could then reflect our patterns. Here are our pieces of work.

Stone Age fire, damper bread and our class story! What a super outdoor session! We learnt how to whittle sticks and make damper bread just like they would in the Stone Age times!

Another amazing outdoor lesson. Today we learnt about Stone Age shelters! How they were constructed, what they were made from and how they changed the Stone Age period. Look at our superb shelters.

The Stone Age! Our outdoor lesson! Today we pretended to be hunter gatherers and find 'assets' in the woodland that we could use to survive. We found berries, fungi, branches, stones, slate, birch bark, moss and animal homes! All would provide us with things we could use to survive in the wild as stone age people!

Maths and life skills! Hawthorn class had great fun making human 2D shapes and describing their properties this afternoon. We then learnt how to create knots and lashes to create quadrilaterals with sticks! It was very tricky but everyone persevered!

Outdoor Science Lesson


We have really enjoyed taking our science lesson outdoors! We collected lots of sticks from our woodland to create a skeleton. We used our science knowledge and thought carefully about where our skeleton needed joints and the sizes of bones to create an accurate skeleton. We then labelled the bones. Please take a look at the pictures to see our results!

Outdoor Lesson!


This week's outdoor lesson has been fantastic! The children have picked up LOTS of litter from our woodland area and sorted into recycling and non-recycling. We have learnt that almost everything can be recycled or reused. 


Interfaith Week


This week our Sikh visitor has given us an insight into Sikhism. She showed us lots of special items which Sikhs carry with them and some which are kept in the temple. We also enjoyed dressing up and dancing to some music! 

Scientists in action! Class Hawthorn have been experts at building and exploring electrical circuits. During investigating they have discovered how to create a complete circuit and the impact of adding more electrical power to a circuit. Their understanding has been amazing!

Maths outdoors! We had great fun in the sunshine practising our subtraction strategies.

National Poetry Day


To celebrate National Poetry Day, we have written and performed our own poems about life after lockdown. We have described the things we missed and the things we now appreciate! 

Poems written by Ellie Summerfield and Penny Proctor

Viking Day! A class raid, a Viking saga, a weapons lesson, a Viking burial and a game of Viking chess! What an amazing day had by all!

Cloudland! We are reading this amazing book in class. We have already explored the clouds outside, predicted what the book shall be about and written some amazing diary entries as Albert!