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Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset at Waterfoot

The whole school this term, worked on an aspect of developing a Growth Mindset and created some fantastic work!

What is a Growth Mindset?


Read the parent information below to learn more about this.

What approaches are we as a school taking to develop a Growth Mindset with our children?


  • Being very open and frank about the approach by making everyone aware of what they can achieve by adopting the mindset.

  • Celebrating and promoting Growth Mindset through our classroom displays and stories.

  • Using feedback and praise designed to promote and highlight Growth Mindset.

  • Showing pupils that their brain and body can physically achieve more through training and effort.

  • In assemblies and PSHCE lessons giving clear and inspirational examples of others who have used their Growth Mindset to great effect.

  • Providing opportunities for pupils to think and write about their mindset through peer and self assessment and reflection time.