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Elm Class

Welcome to Elm Class!




We are a class of year 1 and and year 2 children. Our teacher is Mrs Ginty and our teaching assistant are Mrs White and Mrs Walsh. Miss Pickles teaches us on a Thursday afternoon and Mrs Eastwood helps us too. 

Our P.E days are on a Wednesday and a Friday and your child should come to school in their P.E kit. 

Please make sure your child brings in their reading book and diary every day and try to read a little each day. Books will be changed on a Monday and a Friday. Raffle tickets are awarded each time your child reads and they can win a prize on a Friday if their ticket is drawn out. We can also win the playtime toy box if we get the most reads in Key stage 1 each week! 

Please make sure your child has a water bottle each day.

Fruit is available for a snack at playtimes and you can bring fruit from home. 

Topic Homework:

Each half term, a grid is sent out within each key stage which links with the topic, their learning and our school value focus for the following half term. Within each key stage the pupils are recommended to complete a number of their chosen activities and each completed activity is rewarded with house points.  These homework grids will be sent home.



Weekly Homework:

Lots of our weekly homework will need to be completed online. We will support children who are unable to access this at home. Your child will have a copy of their login details in the front of their reading diary. Over the first few weeks of term, we will teach your children how to login and direct them to the correct homework for the week. If you are unsure about any of these, please pop in for a chat.


Autumn Term 1


Welcome back Elm Class! I am very proud of how you have all settled in so well. Yesterday, we received a phone call from Mrs Devine to say that a mysterious blue creature was seen hiding in our woodlands. She asked us to go and investigate...We brought it back to school and we thought about what it could be and where it had come from!

Autumn has definitely arrived! This afternoon as part of our science work on seasonal change, we went for a woodland walk to see all the different signs of autumn.

14-10-22 Today was our first outdoor learning lesson with the lovely Mrs Eastwood! We looked at the story 'The leafman'. We talked about trees in the season of Autumn and discussed what happens to them and their leaves. We enjoyed observing the creations of animals from the story and talked about how they were made using foraged materials. Despite the heavy rain, we found lots outside that we could use to make our own animals back in class. We worked in pairs and just look at how amazing our animals are!! We finished off the afternoon by playing the traditional game of 'apple bobbing'. Well done Elm Class!

This afternoon was our second outdoor learning session. What a beautiful afternoon! The autumn sun shone brightly on us all. We used colour palettes to match natural objects and we made nature sticky wristbands. We finished off the afternoon by roly polying down the hill and doing the Waterfoot shuffle! We had a fantastic time...thank you Mrs Eastwood!!

4-11-22 This afternoon was our outdoor learning with Mrs. Eastwood: We made yummy chocolate sparklers and then in groups we collected natural materials to create a bonfire or firework picture. We also described the noises that fireworks make- bang, whoosh, pop, fizz, crackle. Thank you Mrs Eastwood, we had so much Bonfire fun!

11-11-22 This afternoon was our final outdoor learning session with Mrs Eastwood. We foraged for different coloured autumn leaves and cut them up very small into our glass jars. We added some magic glitter and some water to make our very own autumn leaves snow globe! Then we smelt the different glass jars at the anima stations and had to guess what it was. Lavender? Peppermint? Coconut? Peach? Lemon? We had so much fun using our sense of smell!

Our year 2's have been working so hard in maths! They worked with their talk partners to calculate subtraction problems using equipment.