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Elm Class

Welcome to Elm Class




We are a class of year 1 and and year 2 children. Our teacher is Mrs Ginty and our teaching assistant is Mrs Lord. Mrs Seal also helps in our classroom in the mornings and Ms Topping in the afternoons. Mrs Shorrocks teaches us on a Thursday afternoon. 

Our P.E days are on a Tuesday and a Wednesday and your child should come to school in their P.E kit. 

Please make sure your child brings in their reading book and diary every day and try to read a little each day. Raffle tickets are awarded each time your child reads and they can win a prize on a Friday if their ticket is drawn out. We can also win the playtime toy box if we get the most reads in Key stage 1 each week! 

Please make sure your child has a water bottle each day.

Fruit is available for a snack at any point during the day. 

Remote Education 

If your child is self-isolating at home (due to Covid symptoms or a positive Covid test result) but are well enough to continue with their schoolwork, then we will support them by providing remote learning through our online platforms and MS Teams. For detailed information on the policies and procedures we follow in such cases, please refer to our school website-key information-remote education section.

21-6-22 In Design and Technology we are going to create a pasta salad for Mr Grinling the Lighthouse Keeper. We tasted different pasta salads and looked carefully at the packaging. Then we thought carefully about what Mr Grinling might like in his salad. We have been practicing our chopping, grating and peeling skills!

Outdoor Learning Summer Term 2 This term we have focused on 'Plants' in both science and our outdoor learning lessons with the lovely Mrs Eastwood. First we identified plants, leaves and flowers in our woodlands. Next we collected the flowers from an Elderflower tree and started to create our very own Elderflower mixture with sugar and lemon to make Elderflower cordial. It smelt delicious! Mrs Eastwood kindly took the mixture home, strained it and put the finished cordial in glass bottles. Finally in our last session, we studied the leaves, stem and flowers of the Elderflower tree very carefully and were so proud of our artwork. We sat outside in the beautiful sunshine and had our very own Elderflower cordial mixed with either water, lemonade or sparkling water. We even got to eat some biscuits! Thank you Mrs Eastwood, we LOVE our outdoor learning!

28-4-22 We are really enjoying our new book 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. We have predicted what the story might be about, learnt some new vocabulary for our word jar and started our talk for writing actions. We have written instructions on how Mrs Grinling gets the basket safely to Mr Grinling in his lighthouse on the rocks. In our challenge areas, we have been very busy building lighthouses, drawing shells and fossils, sorting real and alien words in the sea world tuff tray and concocting delicious lunches for Mr Grinling! We are so busy in Elm Class!

20-4-22 This morning we couldn't believe our eyes! We were busy doing our phonics lesson, when Ellis spotted something hanging in our outdoor area so we had to go and investigate! To our surprise, we found a picnic basket with items inside. We had a good look at them and asked lots of questions! There was also an envelope... Porter opened it to find a new book for us to look at - The Lighthouse Keeper's lunch! We can't wait to read it!

Summer Term 2022

This term our new topic is called 'Buckets and Spades'. We will be learning about the seaside in Geography and History and we will be finding out about plants in Science. 

Spring 1 Term 

Our new topic is called 'Fire Fire!'. We will be learning about firefighters and the job that they do. We will find out about keeping fit and healthy in Science and about our capital city London in Geography. 


SMART week... This week we have been learning about the Japanese artist 'Yayoi Kusama'. We have created our own polka dot art and made a wonderful flower display for our KS1 corridor. In science we have been investigating different types of birds and the different eggs that they lay. Edward's mum brought in some baby chicks for the day for us to learn about too. We made our own egg booklets and learnt about the life cycle of a robin. In Maths, we made symmetrical artwork using natural materials in our woodlands. What a busy fun week Elm class had!

23-2-22 This morning, Laura came to our school and taught us how to do yoga! We learnt to breathe in different ways to help us relax and feel calm. We stretched our bodies in different ways and thought about what makes us happy. Thank you Laura we had a wonderful morning!

22-2-22 In our outdoor learning afternoon, we have been finding out about birds as part of the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. We played a game in the woods, pretending to be different birds feeding our little chicks! We had to hunt for worms, seeds, berries and twigs (all made out of different coloured wool!) to take back to our nests. We also made our own bird feeders using recycled plastic bottles, lard and mixed seeds. We had so much fun and learnt a lot about garden and woodland birds too! Thank you Mrs Eastwood!

11-2-22 This week in school, we have been learning how to look after our mental health as part of the national Mental Health Week. We dressed in our favourite clothes in our 'Dress to express' day to celebrate that we are special and unique.

8-2-22 Today the weather was so bad we had to take our outdoor learning inside. We worked collaboratively and showed respect to each other playing games as 'Team Elm Class!' We played pass the hoop, find the bombs, pac-man and cross the swamp. Mrs Ginty and Mrs Eastwood were proud of our perseverance and resilience.

1-2-22 This afternoon was our outdoor learning session with Mrs Eastwood. We have been thinking about special places and what we feel like when we are there. We have talked about feeling part of a community and making people feel welcome. We built a special place of our own outside using sticks, rope and tarp. We worked as a team and helped each other. It was so special to share a hot chocolate with each other after all our hard work! Thank you Mrs Eastwood!

In Geography, we have been finding out about London's famous landmarks. Look at our amazing creations of some of them in our construction area! We worked so hard building them

11-1-22 Today was an exciting day for Key Stage 1! Rawtenstall firefighters came to visit us and tell us all about the job that they do. They showed us the equipment that they use and we even got to have a look at the fire engine! We asked lots of questions and we are looking forward to finding out more about them!

Autumn Term 

Our topic this term is called 'Wonderful Waterfoot'. Try and have a go at some of the homework from the topic homework grid and bring anything in to show us in class. 


16-12-21 We have designed and made a Christmas tree decoration as part of our Design and Technology work. We worked very hard cutting, sewing and fastening things on them. They look fabulous Elm Class!

We couldn't believe our eyes when we found a DANCING REINDEER in our classroom today!!!!!

Still image for this video

14-12-21 Elm Class were fantastic singing in their performance this morning, getting us all into the Christmas spirit! This afternoon was our Key Stage 1 party. We had so much fun!

22-11-21 We had so much fun in the snow today! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

22-11-21 This week is Road Safety week. We talked about how to keep safe on our roads and we learnt 'The Green Cross Code'. We wanted to find out how busy Booth Road is and what types of vehicles travel on it and how often. We conducted a traffic survey for 10 minutes and counted 52 cars that went past! We even saw a bus and an ambulance. We think it is even busier when we are coming to school. We found a safe place to cross which is the pelican crossing.

18-11-21 Today Elm class supported 'Children in Need' and raised £27.51. Well done everyone!

Today was our final outdoor learning afternoon for this term with the lovely Mrs Eastwood! First we read our story ' The rabbit whole stole fire' to the end. We found out why animals look like they do from the story. Badgers have stripes because of the ash from the fire in the story! We went into the woodlands to explore animal footprints and match them to pictures of the animals. Then we used a 'dragon's sneeze' to try and light the dragon's belly button fluff inside the clam shell. It was very tricky! We enjoyed a hot chocolate and a biscuit before finally hanging our lit glass jars onto the trees so that the animals can always have fire.

15-11-21 This week in school is Anti-bulling week. Today we came in our odd socks as we are all unique and we know it's ok to be different! We thought about ways in which we can show kindness to others.

9-11-21 This morning we found something strange on our playground! There were three little wolves sitting on planks of wood, a pig, a china tea pot, a builder's hat, a tool box , some diggers and a game that looked a bit like hockey! We asked questions as to what we could see and made predictions as to why they might be there. It was all very exciting! Then, the next day we had a special delivery in an envelope. Inside was a book! We were amazed at the front cover because it had some of the things on that we had seen outside on the yard! We are excited to read our new story.

2-11-21 Today was our second afternoon with Mrs Eastwood. We were so excited to spend the afternoon in the woods and wondered what we were going to do! Mrs Eastwood showed us a map of our school grounds and we looked carefully at the key. Then she read the next part of the story and rabbit met the sky people. We headed out in the woods to find six of the clay sky people and they were hanging from the trees! We then made our own using clay, berries, grass, pine cones and anything else we could find. Mrs Ginty and Mrs Eastwood were so proud of our creations! The weather was kind and we had a wonderful afternoon. Thank you Mrs Eastwood, we love our outdoor learning sessions!

19-10-21 Today was our first outdoor learning afternoon with Mrs Eastwood. We read part of a story called 'The rabbit who stole fire'. Then we went into our woodlands to forage for things that we could use to make our own tribal headbands. We were so lucky to watch and listen to a jay bird who was sat in a high tree. We were very quiet so that we could hear it and we didn't want to frighten it! We found some beautiful berries from a spindle tree too. Finally we had a lovely warm drink with fruit in it . We had such a lovely afternoon!

20-10-21 We have loved reading our book 'Toys in space' and were so pleased that the Hoctopize found his cuddles at the end! We have learnt the story using talk for writing. We use the same actions for conjunctions such as and, but, so and because. Click on the video to watch us performing the story. Look at our fabulous writing too!

4-10-21 Elm class love to read! In our Eric time (everyone reading in class) we use whisper phones so we can hear ourselves reading. We like to use magic reading glasses and finger lights too! Bug club has lots of amazing books to read and we are getting very good at logging ourselves on now.

20-9-21 In maths this week, we have been representing numbers in different ways, counting forwards and backwards and writing numbers in numerals and words. We have worked so hard!

13-9-21 In phonics this morning we went on a word hunt! We have been learning the alternative spellings for the 'ee' sound. We had to tick off the words we had found, such as leaf, steam, concrete, green; on our clipboards.

10-9-21 Today we all brought in a favourite toy from home. We talked about the material they were made out of and which toys are popular. We had so much fun investigating!

8-9-21 Today we received a special delivery from the postman. It was addressed to Elm class. When we opened it we found a book inside called 'Lost in space'. We think it might have something to do with our found alien toy Cuddles....

Lost and Found!

Today we went for a lovely summer walk in our woodlands to enjoy our gorgeous September sunshine! When we reached the campfire circle, we couldn't believe what we had found... There sitting on the chair was a strange looking creature called Cuddles! It had a label on it that said, ' I am lost. Please help me find my friend Elm class'. We wondered where he had come from and we searched to find clues. We found some small stars and screws that we thought could have fallen from a spaceship! When we got back to class we checked the school cameras... There was indeed a spaceship hovering in the sky above our classroom!