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Elm Class

Welcome to Elm class page!

We are a class of year 1 and and year 2 children. Our teacher is Mrs Ginty and our teaching assistant is Mrs Atkin. 

Our P.E days are on a Tuesday and a Wednesday and your child should come to school in their P.E kit. 

Please make sure your child brings in their reading book and diary every day and try to read a little each day. Raffle tickets are awarded each time your child reads and they can win a prize on a Friday if their ticket is drawn out. We can also win the playtime toy box if we get the most reads in Key stage 1 each week! 

Please make sure your child has a water bottle each day.

Fruit is available for a snack at any point during the day. 

Remote Learning


If your child is isolating and absent from school because they are waiting for a COVID test result of a household member or themselves and they feel well, then please help them continue with their learning remotely at home as a short measure (2/3 days).   


To keep learning please can they access from home the following:  

  • EYFS play MiniMash - play the games to develop their maths and literacy skills  

  • Purple Mash (KS1/2)- complete the 2Dos for English and maths skills practice  

  • Bug Club (All key stages) – read some of the texts and answer the questions about the book. If they are in KS2 ask them to write a short recount or make a book review too  

  • Sumdog (KS1/2) – play in the games section to revise key skills and check and complete maths tasks/homework set by their class teacher  

  • TT Rockstars (Year 2 upwards) – play in the Garage Band to practise key times tables that have been set and play in the Studio Band to improve their Rockstar status  

  • Teach your Monster to Read (Phonics EYFS/KS1) – ensure your child logs onto their account each day to learn the sounds appropriate for their phonics phase  

  • Topic homework tasks (All key stages) – these are available to view on the school website in the Children’s section – Half Termly Theme Homework  


For any longer isolation 10/14 days home learning will be delivered through your child’s Microsoft Teams Education account. This is now set up for every child and will be used to ensure blended learning and to help your child keep up with their peers in school. Please ensure you have followed the instructions in the MS Teams letter (that you have received by email) and your child is signed into their new account using their username and password details (which you have received by app message). The class teacher will then begin posting and uploading work for your child through their class/year group team. Any problems please email or phone the office.  


If your child is unable to access the online platforms or MS Teams to complete home learning, which may be due to no internet connection or no suitable device, please contact school immediately where we will provide further support and a device if required.  


Today we had a very exciting and special day! We weren't able to enjoy the farm visiting as we were isolating so we had a fun day in school instead. Magic Taz came to see us and Bob the rabbit! We enjoyed party food and played lots of games. We even had ice-cream in the sunshine!

Our end of year special assembly looked a bit different this year! Mrs Devine talked to us outside in the sunshine and we each got a special certificate. Mrs Ginty is very proud of us all.

We have been learning about 'Baptism' in our R.E. lessons this term. We brought in our teddies and held a Baptism ceremoney and gave them a special certificate.

Wednesday 30th June - Today the lady from the Life Education caravan came to talk to us. We learnt about parts of our body and about eating healthily. Harold the giraffe sung a song for us!.

Tuesday 29th June - It was Elm Class's turn to look after the ducklings today. They are 1 week old today, so we sang 'Happy Birthday' to them! We have loved watching them swim, preen themselves, eat, drink and of course snuggle up next to each other and sleep!

Elm class have been practising talk for writing for our story 'Wind in the Willows'. It really helps us to remember the order of the story and we will use it to write our own stories! 

Thursday 24th June - Elm class looked after our five baby ducklings today! We were so excited to see them and watch them in their cage. We were very responsible and cleaned out their cage, gave them fresh water and food and even got to stroke one of them! We decided on a name for one of the ducklings - Popcorn!! Lisa from duck days brought Dandelion and Burdock in to see us. They were born two years ago at Waterfoot School. One of them laid an egg on our playground! We love our ducklings so much.

Sports Day! - What an exciting afternoon Key Stage 1 had today. We had so much fun playing all the different games - ladder running, penalty shoot out, egg and spoon race, bean bag throwing and relay races! The children were so well behaved and had lots of fun. We celebrated at the end with an ice lolly for all being winners!

Elm class worked in partners this afternoon to build Mr Toad a secret shelter in our woodland area. We collected twigs, leaves pebbles and grass to create a stable structure for him to hide in on his escape from prison!

Two weeks ago, Lisa from 'Duck days' came to talk to us about the endangered species of ducks called 'Shetland ducks'. She put 6 eggs in an incubator and we were very excited to watch them and wait for them to start pipping. Today we came back to school to find that one of the ducks had hatched and two others were pipping out of their shell! The duckling that had hatched was put in a large cage with a heater and some food and water. It is waiting for its brothers and sisters!

Monday 21st June 2021 - This morning we went on a woodland walk to look for signs of summer. Even though the weather was cloudy and not very warm, we could see how much things have grown!

Design and Technology - This week we heard that Mr Toad was looking for a new vehicle! We have thought carefully about what he might like - new, shiny and expensive! We have investigated different vehicles and designed our own. Then we made the vehicles and decorated them. We had lots of fun on the yard trying them out.

Today we were Geography detectives! We went for a walk around Waterfoot to spot local landmarks. We visited the Old Waterfoot Primary School and Mrs Eastwood told us all about what it was like when she worked there. We visited Lewis's house and got a wave from Lewis's Dad! We were so sensible and Mrs Ginty and Mrs Atkin were super proud!

Today we supported the charity the NSPCC by holding a number day. We wore clothes with numbers on them, played bingo, had a number treasure hunt and we had lots of fun whilst raising money.

In science we have been finding out about animals that live in woodland habitats. We are very lucky to have some badger setts in our school grounds. We found out what badgers like to eat. We chopped some apple and put peanut butter on them. We took it to the badger setts and set up our night camera. On the way, we made badger portraits using natural materials - we loved this! The next day we were thrilled that the badgers were caught on camera eating the food that we left out for them! We enjoyed making our own badger setts back at school.

This week we went for a cold woodland walk. As we got near to the bridge, we spotted a picnic blanket and some animals having a picnic! There was an animal missing as there was a place set for it! We tried to predict who it could be. As we got nearer, we found an envelope with 'Elm class' written on it! When we got back, we opened the envelope and we were excited to find a new book! It is called 'The wind in the willows'. It had the same animals on the front cover as the ones we saw on our picnic! We are very excited to find out about it.

Summer Term 1 Geography - Man made or natural?

In Geography, we are finding out about our school and it's grounds and about our local area. We went for a walk around our school to find out what is natural and what is man-made. 

Spring 2 - Our signs of Spring walk

Today Elm class went on a walk in our school grounds to look for signs of Spring. We found daffodils, daisies, pussy willow and lots of new buds and leaves starting to grow. Sienna found a lady bird too! We enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows at the fire circle. We lied down in the sunshine and used our senses to see what we could see, smell, hear and touch. We even spotted pictures in the clouds!


This week has been science week. Edward's mum from Cherry class brought their Bantam hen chicks to see us. We were very excited to see the flapping and trying to get out of their box! We also watched 'Science Farm Live- What came first the chicken or the egg?' We watched a chick pip it's way out of it's shell. We found out that a chick takes 5 months to grow into an adult sized hen and we made a life cycle!

Autumn 2

Week 1 of isolation

I am so proud of Elm class this week as we are learning from home. Look at some of our fabulous work...

Today - Friday 13th November- was our outdoor learning day. We were very lucky with the weather! The sun shone on us all morning. We hunted for autumn colours on a colour card, played hide and seek, hunted for hidden letters on trees and toasted brioche and drank hot chocolate around the camp fire. We had such a fantastic time! Porter said 'It's been the best day ever!' We are so very lucky to have such beautiful grounds. Thank you to all parents for the sponsor money sent in. We will let you know soon how much we have raised to further improve outdoor learning experiences for our children.

November the 5th..... This year, Bonfire night celebrations are very different. However, Elm Class had an amazing day in school! First we found out about why we celebrate on this special day by learning about The Gunpowder Plot. We made 'rocket marshmellow rockets' and took them into our woodlands to eat around the fire circle. We enjoyed some hot chocolate too! We collected twigs and made our own sparklers!

Thank you so much to all the parents that donated to the Raft food bank charity. We were overwhelmed with how much was brought in. Mrs Ginty and Mrs Evans delivered it all this afternoon and the volunteers were extremely grateful for your kindness.

Elm class have been learning about the famous American portrait artist, 'Kehinde Wiley'. First we drew different parts of the face using different media.Then we drew our own self-portraits. We looked at Kehinde's work and made our own portraits in his style. we are very proud of our work!e

We didn't let the rain spoil our walk yesterday! We still had a wonderful time!

Elm class have been investigating place value in our maths lessons. We used lots of different equipment such as base 10, beadstrings, place value counters and coins to explore how numbers can be represented.

On Friday 9th October a special delivery arrived at the school office for Key stage 1. We were very excited as we looked at the special objects from the past. We asked lots of interesting questions such as ... What is it? Who is it for? Why is it made out of metal? Who would wear it?

Today was really exciting (Tuesday 29th September), we were able to go on part of our school's brand new woodland walk path and bridge. We are so looking forward to when it is all finished! Class Elm have decide that we are toasting brioche and having hot chocolate around a camp fire!We looked for signs of Autumn as part of our science work on seasonal change.

This week we had a surprise visitor in our class - a strange blue creature! He was found in our outdoor area in a bucket, hiding amongst the pebbles and grass. We asked lots of questions as to what it might be and where it came from. We made 'found' posters and displayed them to see if anyone knew what it was! We received a letter from a Mr Green who also sent a book called 'The Bog Baby'. He explained it might answer our questions....We have read the first part of the story and we have found out that he is called a Bog Baby! The children have been making him new homes and even made new Bog Babies! We are looking forward to finding out what happens in the story! .

We have loved the story of 'The Bog Baby!' Here is some of our work that we are very proud of...

We are enjoying our P.E. lessons with coach Paul!

After our woodland walk on Monday, we made bookmarks using the natural materials that we had collected.