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At Waterfoot School, we think for ourselves but feel for others.

Chestnut Class

Welcome to Chestnut Class

We are a wonderful class of year 1 and year 2 children. Our teacher is Miss Priestley and our teaching assistant is Miss Pickles. We are very lucky to also have Mrs Shorrock teaching us on Wednesdays. 

Our P.E days are on a Wednesday (outdoor) and Thursday and your child should come to school in their P.E kit. 


Please make sure your child brings in their reading book and diary every day and try to read a little each day. Raffle tickets are awarded each time your child reads and they can win a prize on a Friday if their ticket is drawn out. We can also win the playtime toy box if we get the most reads in Key stage 1 each week! 


Please make sure your child has a water bottle each day. Fruit is available for a snack at any point during the day but feel free to bring your own snack if you wish. We also have milk after break times or water.



Remote Education 

If your child is self-isolating at home (due to Covid symptoms or a positive Covid test result) but are well enough to continue with their schoolwork, then we will support them by providing remote learning through our online platforms and MS Teams. For detailed information on the policies and procedures we follow in such cases, please refer to our school website-key information-remote education section.


We have been revisiting our key maths skills. We have been focusing adding 2-digit numbers.

We have really enjoyed our PE sessions with the help of the sports coach this term. We have been focussing on team work and problem solving skills.

In maths this week we have been looking at capacity. We estimated what container would hold the most liquid and explained our reasoning. We learnt that it isn’t always tallest container that has the biggest capacity. We then spent some time making each container full, half full and empty. It was lots of fun learning in the water.

21/6/22 - This week in DT we have been looking at our chopping, grating and slicing skills. We had lots of fun using the equipment to chop the fruit and vegetables safely. Miss Priestley was very impressed with us all! We are looking forward to designing and creating our very own pasta salad for Mr Grinling’s packed lunch.

Jubilee Day: What a wonderful day we had! The children looked wonderful dressed in red, white and blue. We had lots of fun learning about the queen, making crowns and taking part in a stamp design competition. In the afternoon, we wore our crowns and waved our flags during the whole school parade. We all had a dance and ate a delicious cake with our friends. We ended the day by singing God Save the Queen.

In our maths provision we have been measuring different objects from around the classroom using cubes and rulers. The children loved seeing which objects were longer and shorter.

This afternoon we went to visit the children in Sycamore class. They read their stories which have a historical setting. The stories were set in Ancient Roman times. Thankyou Sycamore, we really loved your stories!

In geography we have been learning all about the seaside. In our provision areas we have recreated our own seaside and have loved building sandcastles, sunbathing and swimming in the sea. It has been lots of fun!

Fractions – In our maths this week we have been learning all about fractions. We have been focusing on 1⁄2 and 1⁄4 this week . Miss Priestley and Miss Pickles have been very impressed with how hard we have worked.

25.04.22 This afternoon we had a wonderful trip to The Boo theatre in Waterfoot. We watched a fun show called 'Curious Investigators’. Which taught us all about recycling.

What an amazing way to end our topic The Great Fire of London. We recreated our own Tudor houses and set them up close together like the houses on Pudding Lane in 1666. We set the bakery on fire and the wind helped spread the fire quickly along our street. We had Lancashire Fire Brigade on hand to keep everyone safe. It was so exciting to watch the fire spread and our houses burn down!

We went for a gorgeous walk in the sunshine to look for signs of Spring. We could heard the birds chirping and see the flowers starting to bloom. It was nice to enjoy some sunshine and look forward for whats to come in this season.

We have been working very hard in our PE lessons to create a dance based on the Great Fire of London. Miss Priestley was very impressed with our skills and use of movement and teamwork.

We made the most of the lovely weather this morning and took our phonics lesson outside. We painted words with this weeks digraph on the ground. It was lots of fun!

We were very lucky this afternoon to have to opportunity to look lots of interesting objects and pictures from the past. We soon realised that the objects were from 1666. There was a cooking pot, a leather fire bucket and hat, lots of old coins and many more.

World Book Day! What a fantastic day we had, everyone looked amazing! We had a special assembly, visited our library, shared our favourite books and made DIY bookmarks.

This week in science we have been looking at our five sense. We had to use each sense to guess different mystery items. It was lots of fun.

What a relaxing morning we had! A lovely yoga session learning some poses and how-to breath and meditate.

Today we had a lovely afternoon working together solving puzzles and playing games with Mrs. Eastwood. We worked hard in our teams and our teachers were very impressed with our communication skills.

Despite the not so great weather we still went outside and had a brilliant afternoon. We discussed what it feels like to be part of a community and how it feels when we are made to feel welcome. We then worked in groups to build an amazing shelter. We showed great teamwork! To finish off the afternoon we enjoyed a hot chocolate under our shelter whilst watching the hailstone.

14/1/22 - Today we have shown some amazing cooperative learning during our science lesson. We worked in small groups to draw round each other and label the different body parts.

What an exciting afternoon we had. We had a visit from the Lancashire Fire and Rescue team. They work at Rawtenstall Fire Station. They told us all about their job and what it is like to be a firefighter. We asked lots of questions and found out about all the special equipment they need in an emergency. Miss Priestley wore all the protective clothing/equipment so that we could see clearly the uniform. We then got to see the fire engine and Jessica even sat inside and switched on the blue flashing lights and siren. It was very loud! We had a great afternoon, thank you so much to the firefighters!

Christmas party day! We had lots of fun at our Christmas party with the rest of the KS1 children. We played lots of games, danced all afternoon and ate some delicious treats.

Christmas jumper and Christmas dinner day!

Friday 3rd December - We have been doing some fantastic collaborative learning this week during our Geography lessons. We created a map of our school, except it was our school up-levelled with all the things we would like to improve.

W/C 22nd November - Road Safety week – This week we have been learning all the different way we can keep safe when on or around roads. We have learnt the importance of STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK! We also completed a survey of the different traffic that goes up and down Booth Road.

Anti-Bullying week W/C 15th November – On Monday we wore odd socks to celebrate children being different and unique. The theme for this year anti-bullying week was ‘One Kind word’. This links to our school value kindness.

Every child at Waterfoot Primary School has planted their own bulb on the school grounds. We learnt how to use gardening tools and we can’t wait to see all the flowers bloom in Spring.

5th November 2021 - Remember, Remember the 5th of November! Today we found out about the History of Bonfire night and who Guy Fawkes was. We completed lots of activities including making our own fire work fork pictures.

3rd November 2021 – We spotted lots of mysterious things left outside our classroom. We went out to figure out what they were and why they had been left there. There were lots of different items and an envelope addressed to our class. We were so excited to find our new book ‘The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig’ inside the envelope. We went back to class and made lots of fantastic predications about what we think will happen in the story based on the items left and the front cover.

21st October 2021 - Today was our first outdoor learning session with Mrs Eastwood. We read part of a story called 'The rabbit who stole fire'. Then we went into our woodlands to forage for things that we could use to make our own tribal headbands. We also got to enjoy a delicious drink full of fruit. We had a lovely afternoon.

8/10/21 – Today we went on a lovely Autumn walk in the sunshine. We looked for signs and colours of Autumn. We collected lots of leaves to bring back to class and sort into different colours.

7/10/21 – National Poetry day! Today we celebrated national poetry day and wrote our very own sensory poem. Miss Priestley and Miss Pickles were blown away by all of our amazing poems.

7/10/21 – During our PE session today we looked at the season Autumn. We had to show different types of weather on an autumn day, through our movements. We had to stretch upwards in the sunshine, shiver in the chilly wind, work with a partner to grow as a tree, then spin around slowly, like the leaves falling.

07/10/21 - RE - We have been using 'Talk For Writing' to retell the Christian story of creation.

We like to practice our phonics and reading skills in many different ways. Here we are reading ‘ee’ words on our morning snack.

21.09.21 - We had a delivery of some wonderful boxes from the local museum. We found lots of amazing toys! There was some toy soldier skittles, a very old clay doll, some old metal hoops and lots more. It was lots of fun playing and learning all about toys from the past.

Reuse, Renew and Recycle! This week we have been learning all about recycling and why it is important for our environment. We went on a walk to look at the school bins. Some children suggested that we look for litter on the school grounds and put it in the right bin. We have also made some lovely posters to remind people to keep recycling.

We have been very busy in our provision areas this week. Here are some pictures of us doing fantastic work...

Friday 10th September – We are going to look at ‘Toys from the Past’ for our history topic this term. Today we brought in toys from home. We really enjoyed showing and playing with our toys.

We have really enjoyed our morning yoga to help us feel calm and ready for the day ahead. Here we are in some of the tricky poses. Vinny is our yoga superstar this week, well done Vinny!

Tuesday 7th September – Today we had a strange email with school CCTV footage. The footage showed that we had an alien spaceship come and visit school over the weekend. We decided to go for a walk to see if we could spot anything suspicious. We found lots of clues and discovered that the spaceship had left us a new book ‘Toys in Space’.

Friday 3rd September – Today we read the story ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’. We discussed stopping saying ‘I can’t do...’ and changing it to ‘I can’t... YET’. We really want to focus on growth mindset and knowing that we can achieve anything if we put our minds to it. We made some lovely giraffes to put on display to remind us to think positively.

Thursday 2nd September – We had a lovely morning collaging chestnut leaves to put on display in the class window. It was nice to be creative whilst having a chat and getting to know each other.

Here is our wonderful class on our first day back to school. We had a lovely day getting to know our teachers and each other. We are looking forward to seeing what this school year brings.