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Chestnut Class

Welcome to Chestnut class page.


We are a wonderful class of year 1 and year 2 children. Our class teacher is Miss Priestley and our teaching assistant is Miss Pickles. We are also very lucky and have Mrs Shorrock teaching us all day on a Wednesday. We have a lovely class where we are able to work hard and access provision areas both inside and outside of the classroom. 


Our PE days are Monday (outdoor) and Thursday. Children should come into school in their full P.E kit. 

Please ensure that your child brings in a water bottle each day. 


Please can you ensure that your child brings their reading book and diary into school every day and that they try and read a little each night. Every time your child reads at home they are awarded a raffle ticket in hope to win a prize on Friday, if their ticket is drawn out. 




Remote Learning

If your child is isolating and absent from school because they are waiting for a COVID test result of a household member or themselves and they feel well, then please help them continue with their learning remotely at home as a short measure (2/3 days).   


To keep learning please can they access from home the following:  

  • EYFS play MiniMash - play the games to develop their maths and literacy skills  

  • Purple Mash (KS1/2)- complete the 2Dos for English and maths skills practice  

  • Bug Club (All key stages) – read some of the texts and answer the questions about the book. If they are in KS2 ask them to write a short recount or make a book review too  

  • Sumdog (KS1/2) – play in the games section to revise key skills and check and complete maths tasks/homework set by their class teacher  

  • TT Rockstars (Year 2 upwards) – play in the Garage Band to practise key times tables that have been set and play in the Studio Band to improve their Rockstar status  

  • Teach your Monster to Read (Phonics EYFS/KS1) – ensure your child logs onto their account each day to learn the sounds appropriate for their phonics phase  

  • Topic homework tasks (All key stages) – these are available to view on the school website in the Children’s section – Half Termly Theme Homework  


For any longer isolation 10/14 days home learning will be delivered through your child’s Microsoft Teams Education account. This is now set up for every child and will be used to ensure blended learning and to help your child keep up with their peers in school. Please ensure you have followed the instructions in the MS Teams letter (that you have received by email) and your child is signed into their new account using their username and password details (which you have received by app message). The class teacher will then begin posting and uploading work for your child through their class/year group team. Any problems please email or phone the office.  


If your child is unable to access the online platforms or MS Teams to complete home learning, which may be due to no internet connection or no suitable device, please contact school immediately where we will provide further support and a device if required.  

6/7/21 – This morning we joined in with some ‘cosmic kids’ yoga’. We really enjoyed learning new poses and feeling relaxed before we start our day of learning.

Our school value for this term is respect. We have talked about how we can show respect to people, animals and the world around us. We have made some fantastic posters explaining how we are going to show respect. We have all been working really hard both in school and at home. Miss Priestley and Miss Pickles are very impressed with how respectful we have been.

Today we had our end of year special assembly. It was a bit different this year and all of KS1 sat outside in the sunshine. We were very proud of ourselves and our achievement.

1st and 2nd July – We were very lucky and had the ducklings in our classroom for another two days. We cleaned out their bed and then worked together to make them a little place to swim in the outdoor area. We have loved looking after them and we are going to miss them very much when they return to the farm.

30/06/21 - Teddy Baptism 

Today we have had a 'Teddy Baptism'! It has been great fun! We are learning about the Christian faith and how Christians are baptised, to welcome them into the church family. Today we welcomed our teddies into our class family. We performed the baptism service and made them a baptism certificate. 

English (Wind in the Willows) – This term we have been reading the fantastic story ‘Wind in the Willows’. We have been using talk for writing to help us to remember the story. We have been drawing story maps and acting out the main parts of each chapter. We have completed some brilliant pieces of work. We are looking forward to innovating the story this week and writing our own version.

29/06/21 - Today we had a special visitor from the life education centre. She talked to us about the different ways we can look after our bodies to stay healthy. Harold the giraffe came to visit us and he told us all about friendships and how important it is to say sorry when we do something wrong.

26/06/21 – Today we were very lucky and had our beautiful duckings stay in Chestnut class for the day. We were very sensible and took care of them. We cleaned out their cage, gave them fresh water and made sure they had enough food. We loved having a little stroke of our duckling, Donut, and getting to watch them throughout the day.

24/06/21 – Today we had two very special visitors, Dandelion and Burdock. We got to ask lots of questions and find out all about the Shetland Ducks. We loved seeing them and learning new information. Parker and Oscar asked some fantastic questions, well done boys!

23/06/21 – Today was our sports day. We competed in the relay race, egg and spoon race and lots of other activities. We all tried so hard and cheered each other on. We were all winners and got a delicious ice-lolly as a prize.

22/06/21 - Today we went for a lovely welly walk in the sunshine to look for signs of summer. We spotted lots of beautiful flowers and long grass. We then went and placed our homemade bird feeders on the trees for the birds to enjoy.

We were very lucky to have an extra PE session this week. We had an amazing gymnastic lesson. We learnt how to balance on our tiptoes and jump really high landing in the finishing position. We had so much fun learning new skills.

15th June – Today we have been busy learning our phonics and practicing writing our phonemes outside in chalk. We played lots of games to help us remember each phoneme.

8th June – During lunch time a group of children decided to create their very own ‘Bug Hotel’. They work as a team to construct the hotel and thought carefully about the different things bugs would need and like. The finally outcome was amazing and they can’t wait to have some visitors.

27th June – Today we planted some more plants for our outdoor area. We are looking forward to watering them and watching them grow.

26th June – Today we spent the afternoon learning all about sunflowers. We then planted our very own sunflowers in a pot to take home. We are going to water them every day and ensure they receive enough sunlight. After a few weeks we are going to bring them into school and see whose sunflower grows the tallest.

Monday 24th- Thursday 27th May 2021 (Design Technology) - We found out that Mr. Toad was looking for a new, expensive vehicle with wheels. We evaluated different vehicles to see how they move and what we thought Mr.Toad would love. We labelled vehicles and found out about the wheels, axles and chassis. We then designed a vehicle for Mr. Toad and went on to build our own. It was lots of fun!

Wednesday 19th May.

Today, we took our geography learning outside and we went on a walk around our local area. The sun was shining as we walked around Waterfoot looking for local features, buildings and streets. When we got back to school we made maps of our route.

Local Area Walk

Tuesday 18th May – This afternoon we learnt all about animals and their body parts. We discussed that all body parts are essential for humans and animals to function and survive. We taped some children thumbs to their hands and gave them every day tasks around the class room to complete. We soon learnt that our thumbs are very important to us as are every other body part.

What an amazing day we had on our number day! The children came to school dressed in non-uniform with numbers on their tops and we took part in lots of fun, number-themed activities! Not only did we all have a brilliant day, as a school we raised £586 for the NSPCC!

W/C 10th May - This week we have been practicing our spelling using playdoh.

W/C 10th May - In our Science provision area this week we have been making bird feeders. For the first feeder we used toilet roll holders, peanut butter and bird seeds and for the second we used pieces of thread and Cheerios. We had lots of fun making them and can’t wait to put them in our outdoor area to feed the birds.

Our school value for this term is resilience. Lots of children in Chestnut class have been working extra hard to show resilience both in and out of school. Here are some of the children who have shown resilience over the last few weeks. Miss Priestley and Miss Pickles are very proud of you all, well done.

Friday 30th April – The last two weeks we have learnt lots of facts about moles. We are all fascinated by them and how they survive underground. This afternoon we made our own cute moles. We used a range of materials to collage the moles, remembering their little pink noses. We can’t wait to put them up in our classroom.

27th April 2021 - We have been working really hard on our number bonds to 10, 20 and 100. We have been using tens frames and the part-part whole model along with lots of concrete objects to find lots of different ways to make each number.

Friday 23rd April 2021 – This afternoon we went for a lovely picnic in the sunshine. We had some juice and delicious treats. We played lots of games, read books and coloured rocks. It was a fantastic afternoon and we had lots of fun.

This week in our outdoor area we have made Ratty’s boat from the story ‘The wind in the Willows’. It has been great stepping into the characters shoes and rowing down the river looking for all the different sights.

Tuesday 20th April 2021 – This afternoon we had our science lesson outside. We learnt all about moles and other animals that live underground. It was nice to sit in the sunshine and colour in our diagrams.

21st April 2021 - Today we have been making maps. We looked at an aerial photo of the school and we discussed the features of maps. We then used the photo to help us draw a map with a key. We collected natural objects from our woodland area and made 'Messy Maps' in groups. 

Chestnut Map Making

W/C 12th April – This week was our turn on the trim tail. We had lots of fun practicing our climbing, balancing and jumping skills.

Thursday 15th April – Today we took our phonics lesson outside in the sunshine. We practiced writing our phonemes and words on the floor in chalk.

Tuesday 13th April – Today we painted some beautiful daffodils. We looked closely at the flowers to see what detail we could add to our paintings. Our paintings were wonderful and we have put them on our classroom door to cheer everybody up as they walk past.

Monday 12th April - On our afternoon welly walk we spotted a picnic with some little animals by the side of the stream. As we got closer we noticed one of the animals was missing. We made lots of predications about who the animals are and why they were having a picnic. On the blanket was an envelope addressed to Chestnut class. We were all so excited! Inside the envelope was the book ‘The Wind in the Willows’. We can’t wait to start reading our new book in English and learning all about animals and their habitats in science.

Friday 26th March - We made our very own Easter chocolate. It was lovely to see the chocolate melt then decorate. We ate some and gave some in our Easter cards to family and friends. They were delicious!

We have been practicing our letter formation in lots of different ways. It is been lots of fun, especially using shaving foam on the table.

Thursday 25th March - We were very lucky this week. Miss Pickles arranged an Easter egg hunt for us around the school grounds. It was great! We found lots of eggs and inside were secret messages and instructions. Two eggs had golden tickets inside which Eviemae and Grace found. They won a chocolate Easter egg.

We have been really enjoying sharing our favorite books with our friends. We love to use our puppets to tell the stories.

Friday 19th March - We have been learning all about germs and how they spread. We did an experiment using glitter and flour to see how easy germs can spread between each of us. We then learnt how to wash our hands to make sure they are clean. We also made some germ art using straws.

Tuesday 16th March – We have been very busy in our creative area this week. We have been creating our own boats, puppets and theatres. We have been looking at the poem ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’. Some children made invitations to the the Owl and the Pussycat wedding and posted them in our classroom post box.

Thursday 11th March - Part of our science week we have been looking at seeds and plants. We found lots of different seeds and plants on our welly walk. Oscar brought them back to class and did his own research to discover what seeds we had found. Back in class we had a planting station where we had to follow instructions on how to grow our very own cress. It was great to see the seeds change and develop each day.

Tuesday 9th March – Today we went on another welly walk. We had a check list to see what leaves and minibeast we could find in our woodland area. Ruby and Freddie were super at explaining to the class why certain minibeast live under logs and rocks

Monday 8th March – This week is British science week. For one of our science activities we planted our very own vegetables. We have planted some radishes, carrots and spring onions. We are looking forward to watching them grown and eventually eating them (fingers crossed).

W/C Monday 8th March – This week on our phonics table we have been practising spelling lots of words using magnetic letters. Harleigh and Esme were super quick at finding the right letters!

Monday 8th March – It has been a fantastic day with all of the children back in school. We had lots of lovely activities where we could catch up and have fun with our friends. One activity was our morning welly walk. We went down to our outdoor area, played lots of games, explored the woodland and drank delicious hot chocolate. We had a brilliant morning.

Friday 6th March – The children at home and in school are all very excited to be back together on Monday. The children in school spent the afternoon creating a ‘Welcome Back’ banner. Everyone helped and it was a lovely team effort to cheer and welcome back the rest of our amazing Chestnut Class.

Thursday 4th March (World Book Day) – Today we celebrated world book day. Our school theme for the day was ‘A bed time story’. We came into school in our pyjamas and started the morning by getting comfy whilst reading some of our favourite books with our friends. We then went on to create some amazing theatres and puppets of our favourite story. It was lovely to then put on a performance for each other.

This week David has been teaching Chestnut class how to count to 10 in Russian. He did a fantastic job being the teacher!

Still image for this video

Tuesday 2nd March – Today we joined David Walliam’s online assembly as part of our World Book day celebrations. He gave us lots of tips on how to be creative writers and shared with us how he created some of the characters from his wonderful stories.

Tuesday 2nd March – The children at home and in school have been busy creating fantastic obstacle courses. They had to give a family member or a friend clear directions on how to move around the course.

Tuesday 2nd March - In science this week we have been learning all about the importance of healthy eating and making sure we have a balanced diet. The children created lots of healthy meals and snacks.

Monday 1st March 2021 – Today we went for a lovely walk in the sunshine. As it was the 1st March we had a look for any signs of Spring. We could hear the birds tweeting and spotted flowers starting to grow. We then had lots of fun exploring the school’s outdoor grounds.

Friday 26th February – Another week with children working from home and in school. Miss Priestley and Miss Pickles are so incredibly proud of all the children in Chestnut class. They have been working so hard but most importantly they come into school or join our meetings each day with a huge smile on their faces. We can’t wait to all be back together and reunited. Well done Chestnut class!

Friday 26th February - Today we created our very own maps to help us explore the desert. We used tea bags to stain the paper and make our maps look old. Some children then went on to create maps of Waterfoot and our school.

Friday 26th February – Miss Pickles has started doing a Friday lunch time disco. She brings the big speaker onto the yard and we listen to our favourite songs and show our best dance moves. It is fantastic!

Thursday 24th February – We were very excited this morning to discover that the seeds we planted in September had started to sprout. The children in Oak class spotted them and came and told us. We are looking forward to Spring and seeing how our plants change and grow.

W/C 22nd February – This week we have been learning all about measuring in cm and meters. We had lots of fun finding things around our homes and classroom to see how long or short they were. We made lots of estimates before using our cubes, rulers or meters sticks to find the correct measurement.

Friday 12th February – This afternoon we had a dodge ball competition. We all had so much fun! We had Miss Priestley and Miss Pickles team v Sports coach Dan’s team. We were all very competitive (especially the teachers). Everyone tried so hard and there were lots of red and sweaty faces. The final score was a draw with both teams winning two games each

Friday 12th February – This morning we celebrated pancake day early. We went into the kitchen and weighed the ingredients and each made a delicious pancake. We then cut up some fruit, spread on our spread or sprinkled some sugar. They were so yummy!

We have really been enjoying our morning yoga. We are getting very good at all the different poses. Parker and Harley are especially good at the poses where they have to balance on one leg.

11th February 2021 – Today we have been making lots of lovely valentines’ gifts for our loved ones. We made cards using our finger prints, photo frames and decorations for the window. We can’t wait to surprise our family on Sunday.

Monday 8th February - We have been looking at humans and animals’ basic needs for survival. Today in our science lesson we looked at shelters and what makes a good shelter. We then went on to build some amazing shelters for both humans and animals (teddy bears). Here are some of the brilliant shelters the children at home and in school have made.


Tuesday 26th January – Today we had an alien party, just like the one in our story ‘Man on the Moon’. We wrote our party invitations, made alien masks, decorated biscuits and played lots of party games.

Monday 25th January - We have really been enjoying the end of our morning yoga sessions. We lie down and stay as still as we can. We feel really relaxed and calm ready for the day.

Friday 22nd January - We had a fun afternoon making our very own rockets. We used recycled materials both in school and at home. We had lots of fun mixing colours and being creative.

Friday 22nd January - We had a lovely morning on our welly walk. We had a look for the aliens, enjoyed a biscuit on the log stools and played lots of games.

Thursday 14th January - We have been on the hunt for the three missing aliens. We came into school and found slime all over the door handles so we made WANTED posters to warn everybody about the aliens. In the afternoon we received a phone call from a gentleman who had spotted out WANTED poster in Waterfoot. He told us that he saw the aliens when he was walking the dog and said he would keep an eye out for them and ring again if he had any more information. We were very excited and pleased that our WANTED posters had been a big help to the local community.

Thursday 14th January - This term our art focus will be on printing. We experimented with printing using different objects. We found objects around our homes and school. It was so much fun!

Tuesday 12th January - We had a lovely morning reading our school reading books to our friends. We helped each other with words we found tricky and we really enjoyed talking about each others story.

Monday 11th January - We had a new sighting on the school CCTV cameras. We saw a spaceships. We were every excited and wondered why a spaceship might be at school? Then we had a special delivery, our new book 'Man on the Moon'. It came wrapped in shiny paper and was covered in slime. We made lots of predictions about who or what might have delivered our book.

Chestnut's Christmas song.

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We hope you enjoy our Christmas singing and dancing. We wish you all a lovely Christmas and a happy new year.

Merry Christmas from all the children in Chestnut class.

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We have been learning lots of BSL (British sign language) and have now learnt some Christmas signs.

Our last day in school for 2020. We spent the morning making Christmas cards for our family and friends whilst listening to Christmas music.

Thursday 17th December - We have had lovely afternoon designing Christmas moving pictures and then making them. We used the skills we have learnt over the last few weeks in our DT lessons.

Monday 14th December - We have had a lovely afternoon designing and creating a seasonal calendar for 2021. We used our fingers to create leafs on each tree.

Christmas Dinner - Friday 11th December. Today we had our lovely Christmas dinner at school. It was delicious!

Christmas party! Thursday 10th December. Today we had our Christmas party. We had a fantastic time, dancing and playing party games. We had some treats at the table with our friends whilst pulling Christmas crackers and listening to music. We had an amazing time.