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Chestnut Class

Welcome to Chestnut Class


Class teacher: Mrs Sharples

Teaching assistant: Miss Burkey

Year 1 Spring Term Spelling Homework

Year 2 Spring Term Spelling Homework


Outdoor P.E. with Mrs Sharples is on Monday

Indoor P.E. with Mrs Atkin is on Thursday 

Library: Monday

Please remember to have your library book in school on Monday so you can visit the library and choose a new one.


Wow! What an amazing time we have had today.  Lydia, from Zoolab, brought in lots of amazing animals to show us.  We are getting really good at grouping animals now.  We know whether an animal is a mammal, fish, bird, reptile, amphibian or insect and today we learnt about two different animal groups - molluscs and arachnids.


Mrs Sharples and Miss Burkey took lots of amazing photographs.  See if you can spot these animals ...


Garry, the Giant African Snail

Pickles, the Pacman Frog

Dorito, the Mexican Red Knee Tarantula

Coco, the Bearded Lizard

Dobby, Lydia's pet rat


Can you name the animal group they belong to?

Author Visit

Chestnut Class enjoyed their visit from children's author Diane Hull.  She read her book and introduced us to the main character Baby Bird who isn't happy because he can't do some of the things that the other animals can do.  His mother reminds him of all the amazing things he can do and tells him to 'be happy to be you.'