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Cherry Class

Welcome to Cherry Class 2022-2023

We are an amazing class of year 1 and 2 children. Our class teacher is Mrs. Evans and our teaching assistant is Mrs. Belshaw. In Key stage 1 we also work with the wonderful Miss. Pickles and Mrs. Eastwood.


         Hello I am Mrs. Evans      Hello I am Mrs. Belshaw                                                                                                                           

Hello, we are Cherry Class!

Useful Information

P.E Days

Tuesday: Outdoor (Please ensure that your child has warm clothes to wear for PE during colder weather)

Wednesday: Indoor PE

 Please make sure your child comes to school wearing their active uniform on our PE days.  Refer to the Uniform Policy if you are unsure.


Topic Homework:

Each half term, a topic homework grid is sent out within each key stage. Please support your child by helping them complete some of the fun activities. They can bring photographs or models in to school to show us in class. All children will be awarded with house points and raffle tickets. Have fun!

Autumn 1 Topic Homework Grid


Weekly Homework:

Lots of our weekly homework will need to be completed online. We will support children who are unable to access this at home. Your child will have a copy of their login details in the front of their reading diary. Over the first few weeks of term, we will teach your children how to login and direct them to the correct homework for the week. If you are unsure about any of these, please pop in for a chat.



In Cherry class, we love to read! Please support your child by helping them to bring their reading book and diary every single day. All children will have a yellow reading bookmark, which gives examples of questions you could ask whilst your child is reading. This encourages them to gain confidence with comprehension and retrieval.

Your child will also have a 'Reading Trail' in the back of their diary. Certificates and rewards are given for completed reading trails. Please have a go at the different challenges. The local libraries have lots of books which your child can borrow for free and they often hold their own reading challenges for children as well. We also have lots of lovely books in school which your child is welcome to borrow.

Every time your child reads at home they will be awarded with raffle tickets and entered into our weekly raffle prize draw!


ICT: Thursday


Spring Term 2


Spring 2 topic homework

World Book Day 2023- Cherry class looked amazing in their World Book Day costumes! We had so much fun in our morning assembly, we were visited by two of our lovely school governors who read us their favourite books, we read and watched a Brambly Hedge story called 'Spring Story' and we even got to listen to a live broadcast from CBeebies star George Webster. What a fun and story filled day we had!

Look at this amazing giraffe created by Louis, Finlay, Teddy, Bonnie and Foy.

In our outdoor learning session, we worked together to play survival games and we made trails for each team to follow. We took turns to lay a track, then hid under the camouflage net. It was great fun!!

This afternoon in R.E we listened to the story 'Tadpole Promise'. We talked about what it means to make a promise and what makes a person trustworthy. We made some beautiful rainbows of promises and attached them to clouds. We are going to try very hard to keep our promises!

This term we are learning about the things which humans and animals need to survive. After a phonecall from Spiderman, we realised we had an important mission. He asked us to look out for some very sad animals in our woodland area. The animals needed our help, they were not suited to survive in our woodland area. We are working hard to find out more about the things which they need to survive..

Spring Term 1 2023

Pop Art Fun: This term we have been learning about Pop Art. We have worked in the style of Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. We have used a variety of objects to print and we tried to create a Pop Art powerful word using purplemash in the ICT room.

Number Day 2023: Cherry class had lots of fun playing bingo, playing number games and they took part in the school giant number trail in the hall. Then when the weather was better, on Monday, they went on a woodland number trail hunt. Well done everyone for super number outfits and for helping us raise money for the NSPCC.

In science we have been learning about different animal groups. We worked collaboratively to sort animals into the different groups such as mammals, reptiles, fish...

We have been enjoying more space themed fun in Cherry class. We have been playing space snap, doing space jigsaws and lots more...

Our Waterfoot Winter Wonderland! We have had lots of fun enjoying the winter weather, especially the snow!

Look at these amazing models! Zachary and Reggie have been creating space vehicles and aliens using lego, some of the other children created a planet using loose parts and Milo made this fantastic space box at home. Fredrik made an amazing sparkly rocket. Well done everyone!

In PE we have been creating our own space themed dances. This week we had to zoom round the hall like a space rocket, make 'blackholes' and star constellations using our bodies. It was great fun!

In Cherry class we love reading! We collect raffle tickets every time we read at home and are entered into the prize draw. In class, we enjoy relaxing in our cosy book corners and we enjoy using our superhero reading masks to read new books.

In ICT we are learning how to create a document and save it. We have made an excellent start to creating our own space stories using Purplemash. We are adding images, animating them and writing our story underneath.

Alien Invasion!! We arrived at school to find strange alien slime and a mysterious parcel with Bog baby. We checked the CCTV to discover an amazing spaceshiip hovering over school and inside the package was our new book. It is called 'Man on the moon (a day in the life of Bob) By. Simon Bartram.

What an exciting start to 2023 Cherry class have had......This term we are learning about explorers and in our classroom we have lots of challenge areas to become space explorers. Look how busy and how much fun we have been having.

Autumn Term 2

Our Christmas assembly and party were lots of fun! We sang brilliantly and enjoyed playing corners, pass the parcel, dancing and eating party food.

Our Waterfoot Winter Wonderland: We have had a wonderful time finding ice and snow on the playground. We looked for icy shapes and patterns. We also looked how the trees and plants have changed during Winter.

Christmas jumper day 2022!

Where's the dragon? We read this amazing story book and worked collaboratively to create hidden dragon posters. How many dragons can you spot?

Thursday 24th November: Today we came to school to find out that Mr. Matthias was very cross about a patch of burnt grass on our playground. We checked the CCTV camera and spotted a dragon!! We couldn't believe it! We got down to business making WANTED posters and building defenses. The next day we received a letter from the dragon saying he was sorry for worrying us, but he just wanted to bring us a present- our new book. We looked at the front cover to make predictions. The story is called 'Billy and the dragon' By Nadia Shireen. We are looking forward to finding out what happens in the story.

Moonshine Theatre production: We had a fantastic time watching this show. It had beautiful music and lighting effects. We loved working out the story and watching as the caretaker character goes up into space to meet some unusual characters called Moonlings.

Children in need day 2022

Today we had a very interesting delivery to school. We had some exciting artefacts to look at from the museum. The artefacts were part of a Norman soldiers armour. We looked at some heavy chainmail, a Norman helmet, some old medieval floor tiles and a Norman shield. Look at our fabulous sketchbook pages.

Odd Socks Day as part of Anti-Bullying week. We are especially thinking about ways to be kind to each other.

Bonfire Night Fun during our outdoor learning with Mrs. Eastwood: We made delicious chocolate sparklers and then in groups we collected natural materials to create a bonfire or firework picture. We also described the noises that fireworks make- bang, whoosh, pop, fizz, crackle and lots more.

Autumn Term 1

Autumn weather can be very mysterious. Today our playground was covered in fog!

Outdoor Learning in the Autumn sunshine! We collected natural objects to match our colour cards, we had fun in the long grass and we made nature wristbands. We had a brilliant time!

Fantastic Half Term Homework! Well done Cherry class for completing lots of homework challenges. Look at these amazing castles, portraits and Autumn collages...

In Cherry class we have lots of fantastic provision areas. When we are not working in our groups we complete challenges in our areas. This term we have been making homes for Bog Baby, building castles, investigating at our Autumn tuff tray, playing phonics games , making portraits and much more....

Outdoor Learning October 2022: We listened to the story 'Leaf Man'. Then Mrs. Eastwood talked to us about why trees shed their leaves in Autumn and we looked at ideas for our own Leaf animals or people. Outside, it was a beautiful Autumn day and we spotted mushrooms, apples, caterpillars, autumn leaves and colours and many more lovely things. We tried very hard to create our characters despite the wind which kept blowing away all our natural objects which we had collected! We had lots of fun and the sun was shining. Thank you Mrs. Eastwood x

World Mental Health Day 2022: Thank you for all your contributions. Cherry class wore green and had lots of fun doing the things which make us happy. We danced, sang, read a lovely story called 'Happy' and went into the woodland for our outdoor learning.

6.10.22: Today we went to the ICT room and logged on to Purple Mash. We had to learn how to control the mouse and select colours and different painting tools on the computer. Mrs. Evans had set us a challenge to make a picture using '2 Paint' of The Bog Baby from our class book. Look what an amazing job we did!

Look at all these beautiful Bog babies!

In our English lessons we use actions to help us with our talk for writing. Here we are showing you the actions for different conjunctions and openers, such as 'because, and, so, next, first, then'. We have learnt the story of The Bog Baby and used actions to remember the main parts of the story. Here is our story map on the working wall.

The year 1 children have been reading and spelling tricky high frequency words using magnetic letters and by rolling out playdough. They have also been playing phonics games in our provision areas and spelling new words in their challenge books. Well done everyone!

Look at our year 2's working hard during maths! What super co-operation. They were learning how to round numbers to the nearest 10.

Back to school week 1: What a great start to the new school year, well done Cherry class! We have been making new friends, working co-operatively in our provision areas and having lots of fun! We even received a phonecall from spiderman! He asked us to find something mysterious and blue which he had spotted hiding in our woodland area. We have been making dens for the little creature and we are trying to work out what it is. On our walk we also spotted lots of signs that show that Autumn is here. Take a look at us....