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Cherry Class

Welcome to Cherry Class 2021-2022

We are a fantastic class of year 1 and 2 children. Our class teacher is Mrs. Evans and our teaching assistant is Mrs. Belshaw. On Thursday mornings Mrs. Shorrock teaches us.

Hello I am Mrs Evans.


Hello I am Mrs. Belshaw.



Hello we are Cherry Class!




On Tuesday we have Indoor PE and on Wednesday we go outside for PE (We need warm things to wear in cold weather please). We must come to school in our PE kits on these days.



We love to read in our class. Everyone has a reading packet with a reading diary, bookmark and reading book which we must bring to school EVERYDAY! Please sign your child's reading diary every day.

Every day we collect points and raffle tickets for the times we have read at home. At the end of the week we count the points and we draw the raffle- there are lots of fantastic prizes for us to win.




Phonics: Every week the children will be given a set of words to learn with our sounds from the week. There is a 'Tic, Tac, Toe' activity for the children to complete on the sheet. 

Here is a link to the BBC KS1 Phonics page. There are videos and activities for your children to try:

BBC KS1 Phonics

TopicHalf termly topic homework link

Maths: Here is a great online game which your children will enjoy. They are able to learn number bonds to 20 and they can begin to learn the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Have fun! Hit the button online game click here


Year 2: TT Rockstars! Spend 5 minutes or more each day (or when you can) learning the times and divide facts for the 2s, 5s, 10s and 3 timestables. The children have a copy of their logging in details in the front of their reading record.

Here is the link:




Here's the link to our school uniform information, click here.

Remote Education 
If your child is self-isolating at home (due to Covid symptoms or a positive Covid test result) but are well enough to continue with their schoolwork, then we will support them by providing remote learning through our online platforms and MS Teams. For detailed information on the policies and procedures we follow in such cases, please refer to our school website-key information-remote education section.

Summer Term 2

We had an amazing time at Communitree in Summerseat. We loved being on a double decker bus and sitting with our friends. When we got there we had a short walk into the woods and discovered a crackling campfire. We played games, learnt about plants and trees, toasted brioche, got very muddy, built animal and bug hotels, climbed trees, ate our dinner wherever we wanted too and finally ate a delicious smore round the campfire. We loved it!!

Look at our homegrown carrots! We dug them up, washed them and ate them. They were delicious.

Arts Diversity Week: We had an amazing week learning about other cultures. Cherry class found out about Hawaii. We made Lei garlands and then we made beautiful turtle costumes decorated with a Maori design for the parade. It was amazing!

Outdoor Learning with Mrs. Eastwood. Cherry class had an amazing time collecting berries and making their own Elderflower cordial. It was delicious! Thank you Mrs. Eastwood x

Sports Day Fun

Summer Term 1

This term we will be having lots of fun learning about Seasides in Geography, Plants in Science and lots more wonderful things......

Jubilee Day: Today was great! The children looked wonderful dressed in red, white and blue. We had lots of fun making crowns, doing a collaborative collage of the Queen's head, decorating book marks and we took part in a stamp design competition. In the afternoon, we wore our crowns and waved our flags during the whole school parade. It was really good fun! We even had a little boogie and ate a delicious cake with our friends. We ended the day by singing God Save the Queen.

Capacity in our outdoor area: Today the children were working outside to find which containers held the most. They poured and measured, then ordered containers from which would hold the least to the most. They had lots of fun learning, measuring and getting very wet!

Fun in the sun! After a very busy week, we went for a lovely walk in our woodland area. We walked through long wavy grass, we even tried grass swimming and some of us chose to roll down the banking. We loved it!

18.05.22: This afternoon we went to visit the children in Beech class. They read their stories which have a historical setting. The stories were set in Ancient Roman times. Thank you Beech class, we loved your stories!

In our English lessons, we have learnt the talk for writing actions for 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. We have created a whole class story map to map out the main events of the story and then we made story maps of our own. After that we created our own story map plan by innovating the characters and setting. We are excited to write our own stories.

Talk for writing 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'.

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In science, we have been learning about the parts of plants which we can eat. We tasted leaves which we can eat- coriander, spinach, mint and basil. We collected information to find which ones Cherry class liked and disliked. Most people prefered the spinach leaves. Look at our expressions! We are also impressed that our carrot seeds have started to grow seedlings.

We have been practising our fundamental PE skills with coach Dan.

Seaside Fun: In our provision areas, during challenge time, we made lighthouses just like Mr. Grinling's in our story. Some of us have also been constructing amazing structures outside and painting beautiful shells and fossils. We have also explored the different shells and seaside objects on our exploration tuff tray.

Cherry class gardeners: In science, we found out about the different plants which we eat. We recognised the root vegetables, the stem vegetables and the vegetables which are flowers like broccoili and cauliflower. We have planted some carrot seeds and will wait to watch them grow. We have also planted other lovely plants in our outdoor area.

Science Nature Detectives: We have been learning about plants. We looked inside a plant pot to see the structure of a bulb and spotted the roots, the bulb, the stems, the leaves and the flowers. We went for a lovely walk in our school grounds to see how many different plants we could identify. There were tulips, pussy willow, primroses, daisies, daffodils, cherry blossom trees and lots more. We even took some wild flower seeds to plant. We will wait to see how they grow and flower.

A surprise basket: We arrived at school to find a large picnic basket hanging from our washing line. Inside was a lighthouse, a boat, a cat, some sandwiches, some polish and even a pot of mustard! We are very excited to start learning the talk for writing actions for our new book 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'.

25.04.22 A Trip to The Boo in Waterfoot: This morning we had an amazing time at the Boo theatre. We watched a fun show called 'Curious Investigators'. Scribble and Clipboard had a job to do sorting out the recycling. They discovered a mysterious egg. We loved it! We joined in, had lots of fun and used our beautiful manners. We all walked very carefully to the theatre and even spotted Cherry Blossom trees on our journey.

Spring Term 2

This term we are learning about The Great Fire of London. We will also be enjoying lots of other fantastic activities. Take a look.....

What an exciting way to end our topic on The Great Fire of London! We all created a Tudor style house then set them all out in a long line like the houses in 1666 on Pudding Lane. Lancashire Fire Brigade came to help us and made sure that we were all safe. The wind was blowing strongly and helped the fire to spread quickly along our street. At the end of the fire, Mrs. Ginty came to the rescue dressed as a firefighter and put out the embers with the hose pipe. We have loved learning about Historical Sources including Samuel Pepys diary which have taught us about The Great Fire of London.

The Great Fire of London Re-Enactment

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Mrs. Ginty to the rescue!

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Cherry Class Museum: We had a wonderful afternoon looking at interesting objects and pictures from the past. We had to look, feel and even smell the objects to see if we could identify what they were for. Then Mrs. Evans gave us some clues and we played a game to hunt for the different objects. There was a leather fire bucket and hat, a cooking pot, a whattle frame, metal goblet and candlestick holder, old coins and many more....

The First Signs of Spring: Today we explored our school grounds to look for the first signs of Spring. We went to check how the bulbs are growing from when we planted them last Autumn. We saw crocus, daffodils, new leaf buds, catkins on the Hazel trees, pussy willow on branches and we spotted lots of different birds.

History in Cherry class: This week Mr. Chambers, our History expert school governor, came to teach us about The Great Fire of London. We amazed him with the information we already know. We discussed how we find out about things from the past and made a simple timeline of the main events. We have also been constructing the bakery in Pudding Lane and we have been learning about the ways in which houses were made in the past. Look at our amazing display!

Brilliant Book Awards: Key stage 1 have taken part in the Lancashire Libraries Brilliant Book Awards. Cherry class listened to and re-read the books independently to help them make their final decision on their favourite book. They had to choose from 4 different books- Elephant in my kitchen!, King of the Swamp, The Tindims of Rubbish Island and Nappy the Pirate Baby. Cherry class loved 'Nappy the Pirate Baby' By Alan MacDonald the most and in second place they chose 'King of the Swamp' By. Catherine Emmit. We will find out the final vote from the other schools across Lancashire in May.

SMArt Week: This week we have been learning about an artist called Yayoi Kusama 'The Polka Dot Princess'. Take a look at our wonderful dotty pumpkins and our new corridor display. In science, we tried to identify a variety of birds and looked at the different types of eggs they lay. We even made an egg booklet and designed our own breed of bird. On Wednesday, Edward and his mum 'Chicken Liz' brought us some beautiful chicks to watch and look after. We identified the different breeds and looked at the size and types of feathers which the chicks were starting to grow on their wings and tails. In maths we looked at patterns in nature and made symmetrical pictures using natural materials.

World Book Day 2022: We had a wonderful day and everyone looked amazing! We took part in a book quiz, visited our school library, had a fantastic assembly and earlier in the week we met the author Dan Worsley.

25.02.22: Outdoor learning with Mrs. Eastwood. We had a wonderful afternoon learning about British birds and what food they eat. Mrs. Eastwood brought a gorgeous birds nest to show us. We worked in groups to go on a scavenger hunt to collect the ingredients for the food which different birds eat and we made pine cone bird feeders which we hung in the trees around school.

Yoga Fun! We enjoyed trying different poses and did some relaxing breathing. Well done Cherry class.

Spring Term 1 2022

This term our topic is called 'Fire! Fire!' We have found out about Firefighters, fire safety and how to keep our bodies fit and healthy. In geography we have been learning about the capital city of England- London.

Dress to Express: We all looked gorgeous today and wore our favourite clothes to express ourselves. We had fun on a nature scavenger hunt and we listened to a very inspiring Olympic Champion Thai Boxer called Rachael Mackenzie.

Year 2 TT Rockstar Champions! Well done for achieving the second highest players in the whole school during the NSPCC TT Rockstars competition. Also, a huge well done to Liam, Cecile and Jack for achieving our top 3 players. We are very proud of you!

10.02.22: Today we had a wonderful afternoon working together and learning to solve puzzles and play games with Mrs. Eastwood. We had to pass the hoop around the chain, we played a number puzzle game, we played Pac-Man and lots of other fun games.

Geography: We have been learning about the landmarks in London. We made fantastic leaflets which give people information about them. We are very proud of our work.

3.2.22 Outdoor Learning: Today we thought about the meaning of special places and how we feel when we are there. We discussed what it feels like to be part of a community and how it feels when we are made to feel welcome. We then worked in groups to build a shelter and we went into the woodland area to create and collect things to decorate our shelters. We worked collaboratively and showed respect to each other. Thank you Mrs. Eastwood and Mrs. Morris. What a wonderful afternoon!

Brilliant Book Awards KS1: We are taking part in the Lancashire libraries 'Brilliant Book Awards'. We have been sent a special parcel and a cheeky little parrot which we have named 'Bubblegum'. We listened to a wonderful talk from Michael Morpurgo and he even sent us a signed copy of his new book called 'The Birthday Duck', which we loved. We are really enjoying our book club time listening to the new books we have been sent and sharing them again in our cosy book corners. We will vote which one is our favourite soon.

In geography we have been learning about the capital city of England. LONDON! We have watched video clips from Paddington, we have explored Google Earth, we have been reading a lovely book all about London and we have been building famous landmarks of London in our provision areas. Finally, we created wonderful posters about London.

Learning about shapes: We have been learning about 2 and 3D shapes. Look at all the wonderful things we have been doing in our provision areas and in our groups.

A gorgeous January winter morning walk. We spotted frozen footprints, frosty plants and loved looking at the winter morning sky.

Firefighters in school! Today we were visited by firefighters from the Lancashire Fire and Rescue team. They work at Rawtenstall Fire Station. We listened very carefully to the information which they told us about being a firefighter. Miss. Priestley dressed as a firefighter so that we could see all the different parts of the uniform. We asked great questions and found out about the special equipment which they need when dealing with an emergency. We even got to look closely at the fire engine, we felt the fan blowing on us and Cecile got inside the cab and switched on the blue lights. It was amazing! Thank you to the wonderful firefighters for everything they do to keep us safe.

A letter from the Queen!!!!! Today we received a special delivery from Buckingham Palace. Queen Elizabeth wrote us a lovely letter and sent us a book and some treasure from The Tower of London. She heard that we are finding out about London in our Geography lessons this term. We couldn't believe our eyes!

Challenge time: In our provision area we have got to design and make buildings fit for the Royal Family. We are looking forward to improving our designs.

Look how busy we have been creating and designing buildings fit for a Queen and we have been working together to create fire engines inside and outside the classroom. In the cosy book corner we can read books about London, read about firefighters and look at atlases to find new places.

Fire! Fire! Cherry class have been working together in our new fire station. They are reporting new incidents and in the construction area they are trying hard to construct a fire engine- What a challenge!

Happy New Year from Cherry class! We started the new year with a lovely walk and chat with our friends. We loved playing with the ice and investigating which shapes we could see.

Autumn Term 2

This term our topic is called 'Wonderful Waterfoot'. We will be learning about our local area and in art we will be learning about an artist called L.S Lowry. In English we will be reading fairy tales with a twist and in Science we will continue to investigate Materials and their uses.

Delightful Decorations: In DT this term we looked at Christmas decorations and discussed what we liked. Next we designed our own decoration and finally we had to make it. We cut out a template, we stitched around the outside and filled it with stuffing and then we added extra details. We are very proud of our finished products. We hope you love them too.

Dancing Reindeer in Cherry Class!!!!!! We couldn't believe our eyes.

Still image for this video

Christmas jumper and Party Day Fun: We had a wonderful party day. We enjoyed lots of games, dancing, a winter walk, doing jigsaws and lots more. Mrs. Devine even found a bag of presents left by Father Christmas.

We used Talk for Writing to make a story map of 'The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig' and we used actions to retell the story. We made our own story map to help us remember the main events and finally we planned our own twisted tale and changed the characters. Our talk for writing actions help us to include new vocabulary and they also help us to use brilliant conjunctions to make our sentences longer (and, but, so, because). It was lots of fun and Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Belshaw are very proud of us.

December fun in the snow: We loved collecting ice shapes, building snow sculptures and having lots of fun! The early morning sky was beautiful!

We acted out parts of our story 'The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig'. We loved being the big bad big!

Road Safety Week. 22.11.21: In assembly we listened carefully to Green Team who told us ways in which we can be safe when crossing the road. We then went to survey the different traffic which goes up and down Booth Road. We tallied our results- the most common vehicles were cars. We also looked for the safe places to cross and practised using the Pelican Crossing safely.

19.11.21: Today Cherry class finished reading the story of 'How rabbit stole the fire' with Mrs. Eastwood. They tracked different woodland animals by looking for footprints, they made fire jars, they created their own miniature fires using the fire steel and finished the afternoon with a delicious warm drink. Thank you Mrs. Eastwood for another wonderful afternoon in the Woodland area.

05.11.21 'The Rabbit Who Stole The Fire': Today Mrs. Eastwood came to teach us how to use a map of our woodland area to follow a route. We found out how to use a map key and how to orientate the map to find where we were. After that we read the next part of our story. In the story there are sky people who do not like rabbit because he is mischievous. In the woodland we followed the map to find the hidden sky people. After that, we used foraged materials and clay to make our own sky people. We had a wonderful afternoon, despite the soggy rain. Thank you again Mrs. Eastwood!

Remember, Remember the 5th of November! We found out about the History of Bonfire night and who Guy Fawkes was. In the computer room, we used '2 Paint a picture' on Purplemash to create beautiful firework pictures.

03.11.21: Look what we found on our playground!! We had to go and investigate some unusual goings on......we found a construction site with 3 little wolves and lots of other interestings things. We even think we found a stick of dynamite! We discussed the objects and thought about questions we would like to find out. The next day we had an envelope delivered to Cherry class, it was our new book. The story is called 'The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig'. We have lots of questions we would like to find out like 'Why are you sat on the scaffolding? Where are you from? What is the dynamite for?' After that Isabel remembered the story of 'The Three Little Pigs', so we listened to the story to give us clues about our new story. There seems to be a twist! In our outdoor area, some of us made a wall to keep our area safe from any dangers and we also built houses out of twigs, blocks and lego.

Autumn Term 1

Our topic this term is: 'Toys and Games from the past'

Please have a go at some of the homework ideas from the homework grid and bring your work, models or photographs into school to show us.

Outdoor Learning Afternoon 22.10.21: Today we ended the term with a wonderful afternoon in our school woodland area. Mrs. Eastwood introduced us to a lovely book called 'How rabbit stole the fire'. We went into the woods to forege things which we can use to make our own tribal headbands. Mrs. Eastwood taught us about the different tree names and she helped us to spot and identify fungus growing in our grounds. We found a fungus called 'Orange peel fungus', we found a 'Spindle' tree, we found apples, lots of red berries, a juicy caterpillar and we collected lots of beautiful autumn leaves. We ended the afternoon with a lovely warm drink and Mrs. Eastwood let us have a try at making a spark using a fire steel. We can't wait for our next afternoon! Thank you Mrs. Eastwood x

October 2021: We have been learning the story 'Toys in Space' by using talk for writing. We use the same actions to show punctuation, sentence starters and conjunctions (and, but, so, because). This helps us to memorise the story and use the same vocabulary in our own writing. We have also collected some challenging vocabulary and put it into our 'Out of this World Word Jar'. We have learnt the meaning of new words such as 'beamed', 'organised', 'probed', 'drooling', 'worried' and 'accident'. Click on the video link to watch us perform our talk for writing for the first time this year. Everyone tried really hard.

ICT: Our year 2's have been helping the year 1 children to log on to our school system and login to Purplemash. The children have created their own avatar and they have been learning to control the mouse and type using the keyboard. Using '2 Paint a picture' the children made pictures of some of the characters from our class story. The children are able to access this at home by using their logging in details at the front of their reading record.

Today Erin kindly brought in a very old and well loved Panda bear which belongs to her Grandma. We loved seeing it and we could see how much it had been cuddled because it's fur had worn away.

12.10.21 Investigating an amazing Blackbird's nest: Edward kindly brought a blackbird's nest in for us all to look at. The blackbird's in his garden had built the nest, then moved on. The eggs left behind had not hatched. We enjoyed investigating how it was made and what materials the birds had used to build it. Thank you Edward.

08.10.21- 'Colours of Autumn'. Today we celebrated National Poetry day by taking our learning outside. We went for a lovely walk to spot all the colours of Autumn and inspire our ideas for our poems. We found different coloured leaves, lots of beautiful berries and we enjoyed exploring our school woodland. Back in class, we made Autumn collages using the natural materials we had collected. Then finally, we ended our day by writing some beautiful poems. Have a look at our day and read some of our poems.

In our classroom we have exciting provision areas where we can complete challenges and continue to learn either independently, with an adult or with a group. We work hard and are very proud of the things we do. We have a challenge book where we can write, draw, add pictures and show the challenges which we have completed. Have a look at some of our areas- Computer area, Calm area, Reading area, STEM area, Funky Fingers, Construction area, Outdoor learning and much more....

Cherry class enjoy working together and love creating amazing structures in our indoor and outdoor construction areas. They even made a spaceship for Cuddles the space creature.

Art Club with Mrs. Shortt: This term we have enjoyed going to art club at dinner time once a week. Mrs. Shortt has been teaching us drawing skills, we love it!

24.9.21: Recycling Week. We walked around school to see where we can put different types of rubbish. We learnt all about which types of rubbish can be recycled and we even sang a recycling song.

Yummy Honey! Edward's grandad keeps bees and sent him a real piece of honeycomb. He brought it into school for us to look at and we even got to taste the delicious honey.

20.09.21: Some exciting boxes arrived in our classroom from a museum. We couldn't wait to see what was inside.....we opened them carefully and found lots of wonderful and amazing toys from the past! There was a wind up bird in a cage, some toy soldier skittles, a very old doll with clay hands and face, some old metal hoops and lots more. We had to show perseverance to work out how to make them work and how to play with them. It was lots of fun!

September 2021: In maths we have been representing numbers in different ways. Look how hard we are working.

We Love Reading!!! This week we were very grown up and sat in groups for ERIC (Everyone Reading In Class). We took off our shoes in our cosy book corner, we used the little alien googly eyes to spot our phonics sounds from the week, we made tricky words and enjoyed lots of lovely books.

10.9.21: Today we brought our toys in to show each other. We looked at the toys which are very popular today and we thought carefully about the materials which they are made from. Lots of us brought in Popits and fidget toys, some children brought cute dolls and teddies, others brought toy cars or their favourite toy. We had lots of fun.

'Giraffes Can't Dance': Look at our gorgeous corridor display. We read the story and thought carefully about how we can be like Gerald if we persevere and show resilience. We are going to try really hard this term to be brave, work hard and say 'If I can't do it, I can't do it YET!!'

Cherry Class 2021- 2022

Our first week back at school has been lots of fun. We have made new friends in our class and have been working hard.

Our class book is called 'Toys in Space' By Mini Grey. Watch out for all the amazing work we will be doing over the next few weeks.

6.9.21: LOST AND FOUND!!

We went for a woodland walk to look for signs of Autumn......we couldn't believe our eyes!! Sitting at the campfire circle was an unusual looking alien creature called Cuddles. Some children said "We think it has fallen out of a spaceship." It had a label to ask Cherry class to help it find it's friend. We took it back to class and we are keeping our detective eyes open to see if we can find more clues. We looked at the school cameras and saw the most amazing alien spaceship over our school!!! We are going to be very busy. We even made things for the alien in our provision areas. 

A Spaceship over our school!!!

Still image for this video

3.9.21: Our first day back at school was lots of fun. We made new friends and had lots of fun in the provision areas. We also read a lovely story called 'The Worrysaurus'. Look how grown up we are!