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Cherry Class

Welcome to Cherry Class 2021-2022

We are a fantastic class of year 1 and 2 children. Our class teacher is Mrs. Evans and our teaching assistant is Mrs. Belshaw. On Thursday mornings Mrs. Shorrock teaches us.

Hello I am Mrs Evans.


Hello I am Mrs. Belshaw.



Hello we are Cherry Class!



On Tuesday we have Indoor PE and on Wednesday we go outside for PE (We need warm things to wear in cold weather please). We must come to school in our PE kits on these days.



We love to read in our class. Everyone has a reading packet with a reading diary, bookmark and reading book which we must bring to school EVERYDAY! Please sign your child's reading diary every day.

Every day we collect points and raffle tickets for the times we have read at home. At the end of the week we count the points and we draw the raffle- there are lots of fantastic prizes for us to win.




Phonics: Every week the children will be given a set of words to learn with our sounds from the week. There is a 'Tic, Tac, Toe' activity for the children to complete on the sheet. 

Here is a link to the BBC KS1 Phonics page. There are videos and activities for your children to try:

BBC KS1 Phonics

TopicHalf termly topic homework link

Maths: Here is a great online game which your children will enjoy. They are able to learn number bonds to 20 and they can begin to learn the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. Have fun! Hit the button online game click here


Year 2: TT Rockstars! Spend 5 minutes or more each day (or when you can) learning the times and divide facts for the 2s, 5s, 10s and 3 timestables. The children have a copy of their logging in details in the front of their reading record.

Here is the link:




Here's the link to our school uniform information, click here.

Remote Education 
If your child is self-isolating at home (due to Covid symptoms or a positive Covid test result) but are well enough to continue with their schoolwork, then we will support them by providing remote learning through our online platforms and MS Teams. For detailed information on the policies and procedures we follow in such cases, please refer to our school website-key information-remote education section.

Autumn Term 1

Our topic this term is: 'Toys and Games from the past'

Please have a go at some of the homework ideas from the homework grid and bring your work, models or photographs into school to show us.

October 2021: We have been learning the story 'Toys in Space' by using talk for writing. We use the same actions to show punctuation, sentence starters and conjunctions (and, but, so, because). This helps us to memorise the story and use the same vocabulary in our own writing. We have also collected some challenging vocabulary and put it into our 'Out of this World Word Jar'. We have learnt the meaning of new words such as 'beamed', 'organised', 'probed', 'drooling', 'worried' and 'accident'. Click on the video link to watch us perform our talk for writing for the first time this year. Everyone tried really hard.

ICT: Our year 2's have been helping the year 1 children to log on to our school system and login to Purplemash. The children have created their own avatar and they have been learning to control the mouse and type using the keyboard. Using '2 Paint a picture' the children made pictures of some of the characters from our class story. The children are able to access this at home by using their logging in details at the front of their reading record.

Today Erin kindly brought in a very old and well loved Panda bear which belongs to her Grandma. We loved seeing it and we could see how much it had been cuddled because it's fur had worn away.

12.10.21 Investigating an amazing Blackbird's nest: Edward kindly brought a blackbird's nest in for us all to look at. The blackbird's in his garden had built the nest, then moved on. The eggs left behind had not hatched. We enjoyed investigating how it was made and what materials the birds had used to build it. Thank you Edward.

08.10.21- 'Colours of Autumn'. Today we celebrated National Poetry day by taking our learning outside. We went for a lovely walk to spot all the colours of Autumn and inspire our ideas for our poems. We found different coloured leaves, lots of beautiful berries and we enjoyed exploring our school woodland. Back in class, we made Autumn collages using the natural materials we had collected. Then finally, we ended our day by writing some beautiful poems. Have a look at our day and read some of our poems.

In our classroom we have exciting provision areas where we can complete challenges and continue to learn either independently, with an adult or with a group. We work hard and are very proud of the things we do. We have a challenge book where we can write, draw, add pictures and show the challenges which we have completed. Have a look at some of our areas- Computer area, Calm area, Reading area, STEM area, Funky Fingers, Construction area, Outdoor learning and much more....

Cherry class enjoy working together and love creating amazing structures in our indoor and outdoor construction areas. They even made a spaceship for Cuddles the space creature.

Art Club with Mrs. Shortt: This term we have enjoyed going to art club at dinner time once a week. Mrs. Shortt has been teaching us drawing skills, we love it!

24.9.21: Recycling Week. We walked around school to see where we can put different types of rubbish. We learnt all about which types of rubbish can be recycled and we even sang a recycling song.

Yummy Honey! Edward's grandad keeps bees and sent him a real piece of honeycomb. He brought it into school for us to look at and we even got to taste the delicious honey.

20.09.21: Some exciting boxes arrived in our classroom from a museum. We couldn't wait to see what was inside.....we opened them carefully and found lots of wonderful and amazing toys from the past! There was a wind up bird in a cage, some toy soldier skittles, a very old doll with clay hands and face, some old metal hoops and lots more. We had to show perseverance to work out how to make them work and how to play with them. It was lots of fun!

September 2021: In maths we have been representing numbers in different ways. Look how hard we are working.

We Love Reading!!! This week we were very grown up and sat in groups for ERIC (Everyone Reading In Class). We took off our shoes in our cosy book corner, we used the little alien googly eyes to spot our phonics sounds from the week, we made tricky words and enjoyed lots of lovely books.

10.9.21: Today we brought our toys in to show each other. We looked at the toys which are very popular today and we thought carefully about the materials which they are made from. Lots of us brought in Popits and fidget toys, some children brought cute dolls and teddies, others brought toy cars or their favourite toy. We had lots of fun.

'Giraffes Can't Dance': Look at our gorgeous corridor display. We read the story and thought carefully about how we can be like Gerald if we persevere and show resilience. We are going to try really hard this term to be brave, work hard and say 'If I can't do it, I can't do it YET!!'

Cherry Class 2021- 2022

Our first week back at school has been lots of fun. We have made new friends in our class and have been working hard.

Our class book is called 'Toys in Space' By Mini Grey. Watch out for all the amazing work we will be doing over the next few weeks.

6.9.21: LOST AND FOUND!!

We went for a woodland walk to look for signs of Autumn......we couldn't believe our eyes!! Sitting at the campfire circle was an unusual looking alien creature called Cuddles. Some children said "We think it has fallen out of a spaceship." It had a label to ask Cherry class to help it find it's friend. We took it back to class and we are keeping our detective eyes open to see if we can find more clues. We looked at the school cameras and saw the most amazing alien spaceship over our school!!! We are going to be very busy. We even made things for the alien in our provision areas. 

A Spaceship over our school!!!

Still image for this video

3.9.21: Our first day back at school was lots of fun. We made new friends and had lots of fun in the provision areas. We also read a lovely story called 'The Worrysaurus'. Look how grown up we are!