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Cherry Class

Hello and Welcome to Cherry Class



We are a wonderful class of year 1 and 2 children. Our teacher is Mrs. Evans and our teaching assistant is Mrs. Belshaw. It is fantastic being in our class, we work hard and we are able to access provision areas inside and outside the classroom. We arrived back at school to find a brand new outdoor kitchen!

This term our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday. We have to come to school in our PE kits on these days.

We love reading and enjoy sharing stories in our reading corners. We have to bring our reading books and diaries to school every day. We get extra house points and have the chance to win the KS1 Playground toys box!

Remote Learning for Children who are Isolating

If your child is isolating and absent from school because they are waiting for a COVID test result of a household member or themselves and they feel well, then please help them continue with their learning remotely at home as a short measure (2/3 days).  


To keep learning please can they access from home the following: 

  • EYFS play MiniMash- play the games to develop their maths and literacy skills 

  • Purple Mash (KS1/2)- complete the 2Dos for English and maths skills practice. There are other great topic themed activities to try too. 

  • Bug Club (All key stages) – read some of the texts and answer the questions about the book. If they are in KS2 ask them to write a short recount or make a book review too 

  • Sumdog (KS1/2) – play in the games section to revise key skills and check and complete maths tasks/homework set by their class teacher 

  • TT Rockstars(Year 2 upwards) – play in the Garage Band to practise key times tables that have been set and play in the Studio Band to improve their Rockstar status.

  • Maths online game 'Hit the button', great for practising number bonds and multiplication/ division facts:

  • Teach your Monster to Read (Phonics EYFS/KS1) – ensure your child logs onto their account each day to learn the sounds appropriate for their phonics phase 

  • Topic homework tasks (All key stages) – these are available to view on the school website in the Children’s section – Half Termly Theme Homework 

  • Espresso Primary Education- 

  • This is a learning resource which we use in school. The children have access to videos, games and phonics activities all linked to the topics we teach in school Username: student17934 Password: water34


For any longer isolation 10/14 days home learning will be delivered through your child’s Microsoft Teams Education account. This is now set up for every child and will be used to ensure blended learning and to help your child keep up with their peers in school. Please ensure you have followed the instructions in the MS Teams letter (that you have received by email) and your child is signed into their new account using their username and password details (which you have received by app message). The class teacher will then begin posting and uploading work for your child through their class/year group team. Any problems please email or phone the office. 


If your child is unable to access the online platforms or MS Teams to complete home learning, which may be due to no internet connection or no suitable device, please contact school immediately where we will provide further support and a device if required. 

Spring Term 1

We spotted the most amazing sight on our school cameras........a spaceship! We had a special delivery by space post..... our new book!

Still image for this video

We are all working really hard in our learning at home and in school. Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Belshaw are very proud. Well Done Cherry Class! Our new book this term is called 'Man on the Moon (a day in the life of Bob) By. Simon Bartram. We have all tried to predict what will happen in the story.

              Autumn Term 2

This week has been a very different last week of term. Some of us were learning in school and some of us were learning from home. We have been keeping in touch with a daily team chat, it is lovely to see each other. We watched online live pantomimes and saw the Reach puppets by Vision Kids. Happy Christmas to everyone!

Mrs. Evans was so impressed by this 3D picture of the Nativity story. Tansy, Eva, Iris and Reuben made it in our creative area. What lovely teamwork!

Look at our amazing moving pictures! In design and technology we looked at moving picture books and found out what all the moving mechanisms are. We then made our own sliders, lever and pivot and wheel mechanisms. Finally, we designed and made our own moving pictures.

9.12.20 Our Winter Ice Investigation: On Monday we collected berries and leaves to put in a plastic cup. Next we filled our cup with water and put in a string handle. Mrs. Evans put them in the freezer. On Wednesday we all had to warm up our pots with our hands to get the decoration out more easily. We hung our ice decorations on a tree and watched them all day to see whose decoration melted the fastest. As the day went on the decorations dripped and got smaller, some even fell off the string. We found out that ice is formed in Winter because the temperature is very cold and when the temperature warms up, the ice melts. It was a very exciting investigation!

Christmas party day was lots of fun. We even had a special delivery from the North Pole.........we looked on our school CCTV to see that Father Christmas had been to visit us! Some of us thought we heard bells jingling and some of us thought we'd seen a flash in the sky. Guess who also sneaked into Cherry class and danced on our carpet......the reindeers!!! We were so excited. At the party we played lots of games, did some fantastic dancing, had a snack and watched a lovely film. Gracie and Tansy wrote and performed their own Christmas poem. We listened to the story of 'Paddington and the Christmas Visitor'. Have a look at the photographs....

The first snow of 2020! We loved seeing the snowy hills and watching the snow fall today.

Christmas Jumper Day! Thank you for all your contributions.

Winter is here! 'Today was the 1st of December, we went on an early morning walk to look for signs of Winter. We found lots of ice and frost, even the grass was crunchy. We wore our warm clothes and hats and gloves. We could see our breath and our cheeks were rosy.' By Cherry class.

This term we are learning the Christmas story in our RE lessons. We have been exploring the characters and retelling the story in our provision areas.

This week we read a wonderful book called 'Where's the dragon?' We worked together to make our own illustrations. Can you spot our dragons? Some of the children in our class have also made amazing dragons as part of their homework projects.

Virtual assembly with Mrs. Devine. We love seeing everybody on our big screen.

Thursday 19th November: Today we had a special delivery. Bog Baby brought us a present.........Our new class book and a dragon costume!! Our new book is called 'Billy and the dragon' written by Nadia Shireen.

What a scary start to the day today! We found a burnt patch of wood on the grass and then checked the school CCTV to find that a gigantic dragon had been to visit our school!! We wore our invisibility armour to protect us and made Wanted posters. Some of us made dragon models and outside we built defenses to keep us safe.

Monday 16th- Friday 20th November: This week is National Anti- Bullying week, we started the week wearing odd socks to show that it is ok to be different and that we are all unique. We also made posters to remind us to be good friends and stick together.

Friday 13th November: Today we celebrated 'Outdoor Classroom Day' by taking part in some fantastic activites in our beautiful woodland area. We looked for hidden letters hung on the trees, we played hide and seek, we sat round the campfire and toasted brioche and we had to hunt for Autumn colours using a colour card. Thank you so much for all the sponsor money which has been sent in to school- Wow! What an amazing amount we raised. This money will be used to fund new equipment and resources for all our outdoor learning activities. We will let you know the total amount raised soon.

'Lest we forget' This week we remembered the important things which people and animals did for us during the war. Some of us have been colouring Remembrance poppies and we made these beautiful Poppies using wool and wooden sticks.

In History we have learnt about Motte and Bailey castles. We worked together to build a model using lots of different loose parts.

In Science we found out why we have day and night. We used a torch to show where the sunshine lights up the earth in the daytime and we could see how the other side of the earth is dark at night time.

'Remember, Remember the 5th of November'......we had a fantastic day! First we listened carefully to the story of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder Plot. Then we made twig sparklers and decorated some marshmallows which we ate with a delicious cup of hot chocolate around our woodland camp. Seth said "It was cool!" Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Belshaw were very proud of the children for using beautiful manners today.

'The Enormous Turnip' by Story Club- Some of our year 2 children had a great time with Mrs. Atkin. Elkie and Oliver said "It was really fun, we did acting and we all loved it! Mrs. Atkin read stories to us."

Autumn Term 1

Friday 23rd October: Thank you for your kindness and generosity! Mrs. Evans and Mrs. Ginty delivered all the donations to the Rossendale RAFT Foundation today.

Today (Friday 23rd October), we had lots of fun singing Harvest songs and we decorated cupcakes.

What a wonderful, wet welly walk we had today!! Lots of autumn leaves, muddy puddles and some muddy faces!

We have been investigating natural Autumn objects on our STEM table. Look at the different sizes of pumpkins we explored....Some of us loved feeling the inside and finding all the seeds.

In our art lessons this term we have been learning all about artists who paint and draw portraits. This week we found out about an amazing artist called Kehinde Wiley. He is an American modern artist. We looked at his work, we acted out different emotions, then we painted and sketched our own versions. Look at our wonderful work....

This week in maths we have been learning about numbers which are more or less. Clive the crocodile helped us to see which numbers were greater or smaller.

October: 'This morning we went on another Autumn walk. It was fun and we found Autumn leaves and twigs. First it was blue sky, then when we got back it started raining. We looked at the different clouds.' By Tansy and Auden Y2.

Hip hip hooray! Cherry Class achieved the reading champion award today! We had lots of fun playing with the playground toys.

On Friday 9th October a special delivery arrived at the school office for Key stage 1. We were amazed by the objects and asked lots of interesting questions. Like.... What is it? Who is it for? Why is it made out of metal? Who would wear it? Our topic this term is Castles.

In geography, we have been learning about some of the famous landmarks of the United Kingdom. In the construction areas we have made models of some of them. Do you recognise any of the landmarks?

In Science we are learning about the seasons and how things change throughout the year. We went for an Autumn walk today and here are some of the things we saw....berries, mushrooms, damp cobwebs, dew on the grass, autumn leaves and even the sedum on our school roof has turned red.

Here are some examples of our work on drawing portraits in art. We have been using different materials to draw in our sketchbooks. We had to look carefully in a mirror to draw our own portraits.

This is the book which we have been reading this term and look at our beautiful Bog babies on our classroom wall......

Today was really exciting (Tuesday 22nd September), we were able to go on part of our school's brand new woodland walk path and bridge. Here are some of the things which the children said: Gracie "I don't like it, I love it!" Tansy said "I like walking on the new path." Auden said "We looked for Bog Baby and we went on the amazing bridge!"

Our year 2's are showing how grown up and responsible they can be. They have been working hard and are wonderful friends with our year 1 children. Here are some pictures of them working in maths and in an art lesson on drawing portraits.

We love reading! We use magic reading glasses, reading finger lights and whisper phones to help us read- they are magical!

Our first Autumn Welly Walk was fantastic! We had lots of fun and tried to identify different Autumn leaves. We even got to see the new bridge and path in our woodland area.

Here we are on our 1st week back at school.

Our Cherry Blossom Tree in Autumn

Look what appeared in our classroom this week........ A Bog Baby! Ask us about the book and our talk for writing actions.

Cutey is our class friend. He keeps his eye on us and looks after us when we are feeling happy or sad. He is very well loved!

Look at Sarah using our phonics table and Alfie made a portrait using natural materials in the STEM area.