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WaterfootPrimary School

At Waterfoot School, we think for ourselves but feel for others.

Cherry Class

Welcome to Cherry Class laugh

We are a wonderful class of year 1 and year 2 children.

Our teacher is Mrs. Evans and our teaching assistant is Mrs. Atkin.

Our library day is Monday- Please return books every week.

Our Indoor PE day is Tuesday. Outdoor PE is Wednesday. Please have an Indoor and Outdoor PE kit in school, weather outside can be cold, so we need to be prepared! yes


Please remember to read every day and bring your reading book and diary to school every day. Remember the school reading competition! 

Weekly Themed Home Learning Summer Term 2


At the start of each week you will find a 2 page grid and all the resources you will need to complete the activities.  You can choose which activities to try - they can be done in any order.  If you complete all the non challenge activities then you can have a go at the 'challenges' which are trickier. Remember to let me know how you get on using our class blog on Purplemash.

Dragons (week beginning 13th July 2020)

April 2020: Here are our daffodil bulbs growing beautifully even though we're all at home.

Here's a beautiful sunset photograph to brighten your day. I took the photograph a few weeks ago!

Today all KS1 went outside to find out which materials are the best for building houses. We thought carefully about the types of materials which were used to build houses in 1666 and compared them to today. We had our own 'Waterfoot Pudding Lane' and Mrs. Sharples started a fire in house number 1. Watch what happened and ask us which materials are the most suitable. We also thought very carefully about fire safety and how quickly fire can spread.

Mr. Chambers, one of our school governors listens to us read every week. He is also a wonderful historian and has been helping us with our topic on the Great Fire of London.

World Book Day 2020. Can you guess which characters we are? We had lots of fun and shared our favourite stories. Mr. Chambers read ' Hairy McLary By Donaldson's Dairy' to us all.

Today (Wednesday 4th March), we had a wonderful afternoon with Alfresco learning. We took part in an outdoor workshop all linked to our topic on the Great Fire of London. We learnt how to make a wattle and daub wall using sticks, mud and straw. We had fun playing fire and water tig and we sorted different materials into groups. We then had to design out own bakery for Thomas Farriner using only the materials we agreed on in our groups. We used sticks, stones and clay to make the model of his new bakery. Finally, we sprayed it with water to see if it was waterproof and whether it would protect Thomas. Luckily the sun was shining and we had great fun working in teams!

Today (Monday 2nd March) we were really proud of ourselves because we won the Reading award box! We have been working really hard to read every day. Today we got to play with all the fantastic playtime toys in the award box.

In art last term, we practised our drawing and painting skills. We drew buildings in London and worked in the style of an artist called Hundertwasser. Look at our amazing corridor display and here are some of our own final pieces of work. We are really proud of all our hard work.

Here we are enjoying ERIC! We love using our magic reading glasses to help us read and the whisper phones to practise reading quietly. We enjoy reading a good book in our book corner too. We are trying really hard to read every day at home.

Fire! Fire! We loved making a non-chronological report about our topic on Firefighters. Some of us worked on our own and some of us worked in a group. We had to include headings, questions, labels, pictures, captions and facts. Look at our amazing posters!

Look at some of our amazing homework from this term.

On Friday 7th February we went on a very blustery Winter welly walk. We enjoyed walking through squelchy puddles and frosty grass. We loved playing hide and seek in the trees and tried to recognise leaf buds on branches using our Woodland Trust Twig ID sheet. Mrs. Atkin even had to use her super strength to lift Coby and Ethan over the big puddles!

On Thursday 30th January we had a very exciting visit from Lancashire Fire and Rescue. Our topic this term is 'Fire! Fire!', we have been learning about the job of a firefighter and doing lots of non-fiction writing. The firefighters showed us how to put on the fire proof suit and we learnt lots of interesting facts. We even got to look at all the fire engine equipment and got to sit in the cab!

On Monday 27th January, we all took part in National Geographic Day. We used an aerial view of the school to find the places in real life. We spotted sedum growing on the school roof, we even spotted new growth on the willow sculpture. In the afternoon, we drew our own map of the school and had a competition to make a messy map. It was great fun!

Happy Christmas from Cherry Class!

We had lots of fun at Christmas in Cherry class. We made 'Out of this world 2020' calendars and designed a Christmas card using 2Create on Purple Mash. In design and technology we had to plan and design our own Christmas decoration, we worked really hard. Some of us had never done any sewing before! On party day we played games, had food and look who came to visit us!

Our visit from Zoo Lab was fantastic! We found out some interesting facts about animals and their habitats.

Here we are on our Autumn Welly Walk. It was a cold and beautiful day! There were lots of signs of Autumn and lots of muddy puddles.

Class Cherry 2019- 20 September

Year 2 Spring Term Spelling Homework

This term we are learning all about animals. Look at the caterpillars which were eating our Cherry tree leaves during the holidays!!

Mrs Evans has asked us to bring in pictures of our pets or a favourite animal picture. Here is Mrs. Evans's cat Bob, he likes sleeping!

We have been reading a story called 'Be Happy to be You' By Diane Hull. Diane came to visit us and read us her story. We acted out some of the characters.

Here we are in some of our learning stations!