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More Able and Talented

How is my more able child supported at school?


As a school we work hard to give the children the very best foundations on which to flourish! We aim to provide the challenge and opportunities to allow each individual to reach their full potential. Provision for our able, gifted and talented children comes in many forms at Waterfoot Primary. Within the classroom; differentiation, enrichment, target setting, extension and independent projects are just some of the strategies we use. We also encourage the children's creative talents through the school choir, talent shows, Arts week, sporting opportunities, school societies and library competitions. Developing links with local schools and providing opportunities to work with peers alike is also key to enhancing the experiences for our able, gifted and talented children. For further information please see the More Able and Talented Policy.

What can I do to support my more able child now that they are at school?


Don’t feel you have to give him or her additional maths lessons, for example, to push him/her on. Activities which stimulate interest and enthusiasm and encourage independent learning are much better. Ideas which come from your child rather than from you are particularly effective as s/he is already starting to take responsibility for learning. Trips to the library to research a current interest are hugely valuable. Some bright children can spend too much time alone (for example, playing computer games) and their social development can suffer.


Encourage playing with friends and team games. This can also help to broaden children’s experience, which is important. The very last thing a very able mathematician needs at home is extra maths. Kicking a football around with parents is much more useful! Learning a musical instrument, enjoying interests through practical, investigative activities or joining cubs or brownies are other ways to broaden experience.


Some groups (such as exist to support the parents of more able and talented pupils. It can be helpful to talk with other parents who are in a similar position to you and these groups can put you in touch.