Maths is taught using the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum in the Reception Class and the new National Curriculum in the rest of the school. We aim to provide children with a variety of mathematical experiences within a supportive, fun environment.

It is our goal to make children numerate, encouraging them to become keen mathematicians, able to approach the challenge of maths in many different ways.

How can I help my child with maths?

  • Be positive. Let your child know you think maths is important and fun and try avoid saying "I was never good at maths" or "I never liked maths"!
  • Always ask your child's teacher if you need support.
  • Check out the rest of this web page - there are lots of links to activities below!

Things are taught differently in school to how I remember them, how do I found out how my child is taught?

The first stop is always your child's teacher, but for more detail please have a look at the different aspects of the Calculations Policy and do your best to attend workshops run by the Maths Subject Leader (there will be a new one in the next academic year).

Calculations Policy (Addition)                      Calculations Policy (Subtraction)

Calculations Policy (Multiplication)              Calculations Policy (Division)

Yearly overviews

Year 1          Year 2          Year 3

Year 4          Year 5          Year 6    

My child is involved in the "Times Machine", what is this, and are there any resources I can use at home to help them?

The "Times Machine" is a Key Stage 2 differentiated activity to help your child develop their mental maths skills (learning the quick recall of number bonds and times tables) . Pupils move through ever more difficult groups (starting with basic number bonds) until the final "Super Duper" group is reached. When your child moves groups they will receive a letter giving a break down of what they are now learning and where to look for help. Copies of the letter can be found below:

There is also a small booklet that covers the content of the Times Machine's "Super" and "Super Duper" Groups.

What is "MyMaths", and how can it help?

MyMaths is an excellent on-line resource that the school pays for in order for parents to be able to access the activities at home. Pupils are given homework on MyMaths either using their personal login (see your child's class teacher for details) by being directed to general activities and/or games. Please see the School Office or your child's class teacher for the school login details.

Can you point me to any other resources?

Of course, please see below. Let us know if you find anything yourself!


  • The MathsZone has lots on online activities you could try.

The Early Years Foundation Stage

Key Stage One

Key Stage Two

Please email us if you have any things you would like to be included on this web page. Thank you.