Fantastic Book Awards Party

The Fantastic Book Awards Great Chocoplot Party

Our Reading Group which we organised for the Fantastic Book Awards scheme has now finished for the year.

The group had fun reading the six titles and as a school we voted our favourite book as

“The Great Chocoplot” by Chris Callaghan.

To celebrate the end of the Awards scheme, we had a party on Thursday June 8th which included some chocolate (naturally!), but it was also General Election Day, so we held our own “chocolate election”!

After a blind tasting of ten types of well-known chocolate, we all voted and there was an outright winner –


The overall Lancashire county level winner was the book “Electrigirl” (which came third in our vote). All of the FBA titles are now available in the library for everyone to borrow.

Thank you to all the children who read so many books!   

Susan Bains (Library)