At Waterfoot School, we believe that communication, both oral and written, is the key to educational progress, to social integration and to personal development and happiness.

We believe that it is the right of every child to become a competent and confident user of the English language; able to live, work and succeed in a literate world.

During a school week, children are taught a wide variety of English skills.  Children gain experience of handwriting techniques, spelling strategies, grammar and punctuation appropriate to their ability. They are given many opportunities to write for a variety of purposes and audiences. Children experience writing in many other curriculum areas; such as presenting work on their own websites and presenting work in science and geography.

Many exciting things happen at Waterfoot School. Children who have worked hard to improve their writing are entered into the ‘Writer of the Week’ prize draw. Every child receives a certificate for their efforts but one person is drawn out of the box on Fridays to win a fantastic prize! Some of this work can be seen on the 'Wonderful Waterfoot Writing Wall' in the main corridor.

We recognise fantastic efforts in reading by awarding a 'Reader of the Week' certificate to a variety of children throughout school. Children are all also given the opportunity to take part in our 'Waterfoot Reading Trail'. This includes a wide variety of activities which the children can collect stamps or stickers for, such as visit a local library, read a book by a favourite author, read an old classic and many more! Awards are presented in our celebration assemblies.

Phonics and Reading  in EYFS and KEY STAGE 1

In the infants teachers follow the Letters and Sounds document, supported by Jolly Phonics. The children are provided with individual reading books which complement the phonics phase they are working on, to ensure they are applying their phonics knowledge. There are also a wide variety of other books available and children can access our school library on a weekly basis.


We have a wonderful school library, currently run by Mrs. Baines. The children visit the library on a weekly basis and it is also open after school on a variety of days. The upper juniors take part in the  National Book Awards Book of the Year Competition.

Events in school

In our school we celebrate National World Book Days, we hold school book fairs, we invite a variety of authors and visitors and we have special days which help and encourage the children to gain a love of English. 

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