Expressive Arts and Design - (DT element)

The EYFS have done lots of DT style activities this half term. During our floorbooks sessions, children have planned to build their own McDonalds and design their own pizza party. This meant lots of planning and reasearch to find out what they needed to make. The children building McDonalds produced their own counter ,ipads for the tables (like in Rawtenstall McDonalds), balloons and even created the nuggets and burgers by moulding them from salt dough, baking them then painting them! The children organising the party had to make hats and bunting, survey the class to find out what food to prepare, writing invitations and menus. This even led to the children creating their own pizza shop which brought about lots of role play! We have also designed and baked our own Gingerbread men this half term. The children had to design how it would be decorated first then use their plan to actually decorate it as part of the 'plan, do, review' process. This included designing Gingerbread Men on the computer using the 'Gingerbread Man Creator.' We then moved onto finding ways to save the Gingerbread men from the fox. The children decided to build bridges and boats to save him and learnt to test their constructions to make sure they were long enough to cross the river and strong enough. The children then made any adaptations necessary to ensure the Gingerbread Man could escape safely!