Songs of the Sea

This half term, the children have benn learning about the oceans and the life that live in it.  For our music, Mrs Fletcher came in to do a unit called 'Songs of the Sea'.

Part of the unit was about sea shanties.

SEA SHANTIES were shipboard working songs. Shanties were popular from the 15th Century to the early 20th Century.

When men rowed ships, sea shanties served a practical purpose: the rhythm of the song helped the sailors keep in time as they pulled the oars.

Singing, and listening to song, is pleasant; it prevented boredom, and lightened the burden of hard work on long voyages.

Most shanties are "call and response" songs, with one voice (the shantyman) singing the line and the chorus of sailors bellowing the response.

The "pulls" would be on the last syllable of the response in each line.

We learnt to play the chords using the iPads and sang a well know sea shanti called 'What do we do with the drunken sailor'.