Class 2 move at a snails pace!

During 'Science Week' Class 2 learnt about 'Tracks and Trails'. They studied tracks and investigated what badgers ate by leaving a selection of food out for them to eat. The results surprised the children. Badgers eat peanuts, apples, oat and cranberry cereal, and cheerios. They left a piece of pear but did have a nibble to try it. But how did the children know it was badgers that ate the food? They used their detective skills! They found badger footprints, a badger hair and a badger poo nearby. On the second night we left the wildlife camera out and caught numerous pictures of badgers eating the grub. The snail trail investigation was to find out how sticky snail slime is. The children planned how they would carry out the test and predicted how much weight the slime would hold. Most children thought the slime was sticky enough to hold card but not a plastic button. The results: snail trail is very sticky! It could hold the plastic button. A big thank you to the 7 snails that provided the slime for our investigation.