Understanding the World - scientific aspect

Our topic this half term has been seasons and weather and the scientific work that has been done around this theme starting by exploring the autumn time. We made an autumn investigation area the children used the digital microscope to look closely at the leaves and conkers etc. They also made leaf rubbings. We then moved on to  consider how we should dress during the autumn and winter. The children learnt about what 'waterproof' is and tested different materials to check which would be most appropriate for teddy to wear in the rain. They also used the myworld program on the computers to dress teddy and explained their choices of clothing. We have also spent a week learning about hibernation, what this is and which animals hibernate. As we moved further into our topic we explored how rainbows are created and looked for rainbows in coloured water when we added oil to it. We have flown kites in the wind and then talked about what a kite needs to be made of to help it fly well before making our own kites and windmills that the children tested in the outdoor area. As we moved into our 'winter' learning, the children have explored ice and have explored different ways to 'rescue' the lego man from the ice block which has led to lots of discussion around melting and freezing. Some of the children tried licking the ice, hugging the ice, running water over it and holding it tightly. Whatever the children chose to do, they were encouarged to talk about what they were noticing as they did it and to predict what else might work then test their predictions. We also learned about how it is darker in winter then explored light and dark in our dark den and made shadows!