Shine a light class 6!!

Following science work on circuits and electricity, we looked at different types of lights, investigating how they worked. We had a selection of 'party' lights including disco lights. The children worked in groups of three to design their own party light that would be controlled through Flowgo, an interface controlled by Flowol. They were able to use up to 3 bulbs and had to think about how these would light up as well as their colour.

The lights were constructed from a variety of everyday materials including boxes, card, foil and cellophane. Bulbs and wires were added to make circuits and then control programs written. The lights worked well in the main and the children were all impressed with the results. We had a selection of flashing, multicoloured disco lights!

Most groups were able to write a simple control program to make 2 or 3 lights flash on and off in sequence. One group added a switch as a further challenge. The Flowgo was simple to operate once all the wires were attached correctly and it was connected to the computer properly!