Class 5 investigate Tudor medicine

Class 5 held a Tudor medicine workshop during Science week. We investigated what it was like to be ill during Tudor times. The children said they would definitely not like to have been ill Tudor times! We had 4 different areas to investigate- One group were the Monks, they researched medicines and cures. The second group were the Herb wives, they smelled and identified different herbs and flowers. The third group were the Apothecaries, they used lavender, milk, salt and oil to make some Tudor medicine. The fourth group were the Barber/ Surgeons, they made a herb mask to ward off bad smells. We had a great time and our classroom had some wonderful smells!

Summer 2 Science week ZE 067.JPG
Summer 2 Science week ZE 070.JPG
Summer 2 Science week ZE 073.JPG