Class 9 take a "Journey Through Space"!

We have been studying a Journey Through Space to link with our science topic on the Earth and beyond.

First we listened to music from Holst “The Planets.”  We listened to extracts from Mars, Neptune and Mercury as these pieces are significantly different.  We completed music appreciation sheets.  We then explored how our voices could change to create different atmospheres and went on to how we could use musical instruments to achieve different effects.  In groups the pupils composed a piece of music, played it and recorded it.  We then used the computer technology to change aspects of the music.  Some groups speeded up theirs, some slowed it down, some added an echo, some played their music backwards.  Some groups combined these effects.  All groups experimented with several effects until they were happy with their “Journey Through Space.” 

There is a video of one group playing their composition and a sound file produced by one group after working on the computers.