Class 5 keep busy with ICT

PICTURE 1: 'Cool Countryside'- Last year we used 2Animate to make moving animal images linked with our topic on Rainforests.
PICTURE 2: We designed and created our own Rainforest themed wallpaper using Word. We practised using the wrap text, cut, shape and copy.
PICTURE 3: We designed and made our own Recycling and Litter posters. The children commented about the amount of litter on the AWP when we first moved to this site. We made posters and put them up around the AWP, the children noticed a  big difference.
 LINK: 'Millie and Anna Olympics powerpoint'- During ERIC and continued in WASPS, some of the children created their own topic linked powerpoints. They were very enthusiastic and also, spent some time teaching other groups the skills they had learned during ERIC.
PICTURES 4 & 5: This year so far, we have used 'TagXedo' to create word cloud poems linked to our topic on Ancient Egypt and Dazzle3 to make Egyptian scenes. We also linked this to our science on light and shadows by creating silhouette/ shadow pictures using Dazzle.