Year 2 Calendars in DT and ICT

We talked about calendars and looked at examples. We then decided we would like to give our calendars to our parents, so we chose the theme of seasons instead of scary monsters. We worked in groups and looked at pictures of seasons. We then discussed and drew our pictures, before designing them on the computer.

D.T Objectives

  • To consider the appearance and function of calendars.
  • To make a picture on screen using a graphics package.
  • To use computer software as a design tool.
  • To work as a group.

ICT Objectives

  • recognise that ICT can be used to create pictures.
  • select and use appropriate tools.
  • control the pen and use the flood fill tool to create visual effects.
  • use the straight line, geometric shapes and flood fill tools to match their purposes.
  • use the spray tool.
  • choose colours and patterns to match their purposes.

Zoë Shorrock

class 4 calenders 002.png