South American drumming

As part of our 'Arts Week' in school, we were lucky enough to be visited by Steve the drummer! He showed us different types of drums and how to play them. We learnt about tempo, pulse and pitch. We had lots of fun!

Health and Hygiene

This was a cross curricular activity covering Science, PSHCE and DT. The children had learnt about the balanced food plate and were asked to carry out a sorting activity in groups making decisions together about which foods belonged to which food groups.

Hard Labour - Crime and Punishment

The children spent a PE lesson carrying out 'Hard Labour' similar to those used as a form of punishment during the victorian period.

Reasoning within Shape, Space and Measure.

The children were given an envelope containing a variety of 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional shape names along with their properties and pictures.  The children had to collaboratively create a table which would match each of the pictures to their names and properties.  We focussed on language during our discussion in groups and reasons behind the solutions.

'Simples' - Hot and Cold Places

Class 3 have been learning about hot and cold places and have been finding out about the Meerkats that live in the Kalahari Desert. We have a class meerkat called Sunny and Mrs Thornley took Sunny for a day out to the park. The class looked at photographs and wrote a postcard to Sunny's family about his visit.


Children went to have a look at their adopted class tree.  They looked at any changes in the tree since their last visit.  

Crime and Punishment

The children have covered punishment throughout the Roman period and onto the Tudour period before comparing it and contrasting punishments in the past with more recent methods.  They thoroughly enjoyed our year group trip to Lancaster Castle where we learnt more about the trial of the Pendle Witches.

Bernard's safari talk

We were lucky enough to have Bernard visit to talk to us about his safari trip to Kenya and Uganda. He told us lots of exciting stories and showed us his amazing pictures. This really added to our understanding about our geography topic of hot countries.

A Christmas chess set

Class 8 put a range of skills to good use in order to create the wonderful Christmas chess set that can be seen below. The work involved the initial design of their pieces (the pupils did one design each) based on a Christmas theme and then the careful modelling of the design in a 3D drawing program (we used Tinkercad in this case although we have also used Sketch Up for similar purposes). It was important that the the chess pieces were in proportion and authentic so Class 8 decided to use the dimensions of a 'tournament' chess set. Finally the pupils need to save their design in a file for printing.

The finished chess set can be seen below - well done Class 8!