Mrs Parkinson and Mrs Shorrock welcome you to Class 9

When you enter Class 9 …
You are mathematicians
You are authors
You are scientists
You are historians
You are geographers
You are explorers
You are inventors
You are artists
You are musicians
You are important
You are respected
You are unique

Get ready to work hard, play hard and have fun!

Weekly homework will go home on a Tuesday and returned on a Friday.
Year 5's and 6's will be taught every morning in their Year groups.

Class Nine work from the Curriculum Showcase


Email Mrs Parkinson

Email Mrs Shorrock

Mrs Parkinson will be teaching in class every morning and on Monday and Tuesday afternoons.

Mr Kemp will teach PE and ICT on a Wednesday afternoon.

Mrs Shorrock will be teaching on a Thursday and Friday afternoon.

Library day - Wednesday (remember your library book).

Outdoor games - Wednesday(don't forget your outdoor kit).

Indoor PE - Thursday ( don't forget your indoor kit including pumps).