The Munch Box

We are dedicated to providing a healthy and well balanced menu that children enjoy. We do not add additional salt to any of our meals, and our kitchen is free of deep fat fryers.

Summer Menu

Our Curriculum

We are currently in the process of finalising plans for the new curriculum, and will post details to our website when we have everything ready. Exciting times ahead!

Our School

We were lucky enough to move to our new "eco-school" in 2012, and still can't believe our luck! We have so much space and light now, and are making the most of the wonderful facilities.

Make sure you check our our on-line newspaper to see what we have been up to!

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Home Learning

More about our school

Past Pupils

We have begun to collect the names of pupils who have attended Waterfoot School over the decades. Each person has consented to their name being included on this list. We would like this list to grow, so if you attended the school and would like your name and dates to be included, please do email. Click here for our current list.

The School Archive

The School Archive comprises of material from both Cloughfold and Waterfoot Primary Schools (the schools were amalgamated in September 2007). It is intended to serve both as a community resource and to support the History curriculum at school.

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The Badge Scheme

The scheme owes a lot to the idea of badge work found in the Cubs, Scouts, Brownies etc. We recognise the motivation this can give to children and wished to adapt the system for use in our school. Children elect to work towards a particular badge (it is a voluntary scheme), and on completion have their work checked, and then receive their badge from the Headteacher in assembly.

It is expected that parents may wish to help their children complete their work satisfactorily, indeed we see this as one of the advantages of the scheme.